ISO testing is an important activity, required by the release team to release Ubuntu's milestones. Derivatives team need to be aware of this requirement and help testing their ISOs

Release Note

This section should include a paragraph describing the end-user impact of this change. It is meant to be included in the release notes of the first release in which it is implemented. (Not all of these will actually be included in the release notes, at the release manager's discretion; but writing them is a useful exercise.)

It is mandatory.


This should cover the _why_: why is this change being proposed, what justifies it, where we see this justified.

User stories



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UI Changes

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Code Changes

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  • data migration, if any
  • redirects from old URLs to new ones, if any
  • how users will be pointed to the new way of doing things, if necessary.

Test/Demo Plan

It's important that we are able to test new features, and demonstrate them to users. Use this section to describe a short plan that anybody can follow that demonstrates the feature is working. This can then be used during testing, and to show off after release. Please add an entry to for tracking test coverage.

This need not be added or completed until the specification is nearing beta.

Unresolved issues

This should highlight any issues that should be addressed in further specifications, and not problems with the specification itself; since any specification with problems cannot be approved.

BoF agenda and discussion


  • Introduction to ISO testing
  • Infrastructure
    • The ISO tracker
    • Testcases wiki
    • Virtual Machines
  • Release process
    • Ubuntu
    • Derivatives
  • Documentation
  • Engaging the community


 * Introduction to ISO testing
 - At least it installs and upgrades
 - Identifying important bugs that need to be fixed before that milestone
 * Infrastructure
  * The ISO tracker
  * Testcases wiki
  * Virtual Machines
  * Testdrive
   * incrementally downloads iso's against a local cache (rsync/zsync)
   * pointy/clicky launch, Applications -> System Tools -> TestDrive an Ubuntu ISO
   * better GTK frontend coming for selecting non-default flavors
   * Testdrive does a poor job of being able to test ubuntu & kubuntu since they have the same filenames
  * ubuntu-qa-tools has a dl-ubuntu-test-iso
 * Release process
  * Ubuntu
  * Derivatives
 * Documentation
 * Engaging the community
 * No way to "Un-Start" a test once marked started (can be confusing to other testers when something prevents me from being able to complete a test I marked as started)

 * Subscription system is bad for opportunistic
 * Lack of hardware
 * Images respin can be marked in the ISO tracker
 * Sometimes the respin is just a "test respin" and not the final candidate
 * Testers need to know what they are doing
 * No obvious communication path back to tester when questions arise (e.g. when a case is marked failed)
 * Problematic tests
  * VMWare
  * Wubi
  * LTSP

 * ACTION: Test coverage needs fixing
 * ACTION: Optional testcases need to be in the report
 * ACTION: The default filter needs to be all/all
 * Statistics how many people tested an image
 * A user view
 * Announcing better respin
 * A better way to escalate important bugs to developers
  * A report sent to email
 * OpenID 
 * No documented process about supported flavours
 * No space available on cdimages, so no more flavors for now
 * Any support for unofficial derivatives?
 * We need to review those flavours
 * It is the responsibility of the specific teams to reach the requirements for release
 ACTION: Document the process
 ACTION: Communicate the process to current derivatives
Review of Generic & Optional Tests
 ACTION: ISO Testcase review session 


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