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|| oldest bug with status confirmed is blank but it would be better to show 'n/a' || || || oldest bug with status confirmed is blank but it would be better to show 'n/a' ||<bgcolor=lightgreen> Done||

PackageStatusPages Feedback:

More info on the package itself



links to Ubuntu/Debian changelogs

Ubuntu/Debian versions

links to package LP page and Debian PTS/BTS pages

Feature Requests



historical view of data

breakdowns by release

historical comparisons

comparisons by release

Bugs with bzr branches - possible to find these with bugnumbers

Bug with most subscribers

Number of bugs carried over from release to release

Delta's of bug stats for each milestone

tabs for the graphs for time periods similar to

graphs should use the svg instead of a png file

graph should include bugs forwarded upstream (so split triaged into unforwarded and forwarded)

deltas should be clickable links to list of bugs e.g. the new bugs in the past seven days

vertical lines for releases and package uploads

bug info for upstream should include a bugs fixed upstream number and link

graph - create a three month graph


team page should have package listing report showing the busy-ness of packages a team is subscribed to

the "latest" number (latest confirmed bugs, latest open bugs,...) should link to the list instead of the current non-useful stat page.

Change the theme for the links in the number : this is not obvious, I did not notice it for a while.

Last at zero counter* [see footnote]

Bite Size



"Most duplicates" should show status and importance on mouse over


a popup bug info for the oldest bugs a la the way the most duplicates bug is handled might be nice, too

bug info section for release targetted bugs

bug info for bug tags like apport-crash, apport-bug, regresssion, bitesize

under 'Hot Bugs' section - list bugs with critical status before bugs with high status

Done oldest bug with status confirmed is blank but it would be better to show 'n/a'


it would also be interesting if we had the number of fixed bugs under the totals section


the bugs with patches stat is inaccurate because launchpad will list the same bug # multiple times. It should be easy enough to just run the +text list through uniq to get a more accurate count or use bugnumbers --haspatch to get the correct count


add regression-* tag counts to pkg stat pages


  • There are some bug statistics that we want to "drive to zero", for example the number of "New" bug reports or the number of bugs needing forwarding upstream. Showing when the last time these items reached zero, or the closest they've gotten, would be motivating!

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