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Now that there is a dedicated QA server, the QA Team has began migrating several QA tracking pages to the new server. The QA Team should focus on moving any remaining pages over. Additionally, a central landing page should be created to reference all of the information provided.

Release Note

People interested in QA can now get up to date information from


With the migration of new content to the QA server, the current landing page at is insufficient. It currently only provides a few links to useful QA resources. It needs to be updated to showcase all the information available.

Use Cases

  • Chris wants to publish some information about Ubuntu Mobile testing. He'd ideally like to create an "Ubuntu Mobile" category and add a new page describing the Ubuntu Mobile QA effort. He can then add new pages, link to other scripts output, or add a list of useful QA resources to the "Ubuntu Mobile" category.
  • John wants to know more about the current status of Ubuntu QA testing. He goes to the website and chooses the "Ubuntu Status" category (name is only a proposal). He is presented with things like the Ubuntu Weather Report and Package Status Pages. Basically bug and package statistics giving him a global view of Ubuntu's current status.

  • Susan is new to Ubuntu QA and wants to learn more about ways to contribute to Ubuntu testing. She can go to the "Introduction to QA" category and read some of the guidelines and best practices that have been written by QA members. She can also and get links to other QA resources such as Launchpad.


Creating an easy to use content manager that can easily manage various kinds of content : text, html, script output (bug stats or weather report), wiki page. See below.


<stgraber to insert snap shot of rough draft prototype from UDS Jaunty>


  • Create a content management website with easy categorization of items - maybe use tabs at the top ?
  • Easy way to add a new new page or link to an existing page (script output or wikipage)
  • The admin interface will provide a way to create and manage categories then add, edit, and remove content in those.
  • The content from the scripts (like the weather report) will be synced automatically, probably once an hour.
  • The content taken from the wiki will be synced on-demand to avoid abuse.


Test/Demo Plan

A test website will be running on our test server then once ready be moved to the production server on Work will be done as usual in our bzr branch.

BOF agenda and discussion

items not at

  • harvest -> is it working there now?

  • Bughelper reports
    • bugs with more than 2 duplicates
    • bugs with more than 5 comments
    • bugs with more than 5 subscribers
    • bugs reported in the last week per package
    • bugs reported from team members
  • Package bug statistics - used by package landing pages
  • Developer Weather report

  • SRU Bug Tracker


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