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  • This spec will mainly be about connections between tracker and other websites (RSS/XML-RPC/Launchpad (OpenID)) for better integration with the other Ubuntu websites.
  • Work was started during the Hardy cycle and will continue during intrepid


An Ubuntu Test Tracker has been introduced at the end of Feisty development cycle, then improved during Gutsy to end up at what we currently have, a Ubuntu QA Website with some modules on top of it like QA-Tracker (iso, packages and hardware test tracker), QA-Poll (Ubuntu Brainstorm) and QA-Portal (

Use Cases

  • Richard didn't know of the Ubuntu QA website, as he has a Launchpad account he can simply login with his usual account and then access the website in a second.
  • Robert already has an account on the Ubuntu QA website because he used Ubuntu brainstorm, he login as usual on the website and is told that we now use Launchpad authentication and is invited to link his current account to his Launchpad account. After that he'll always connect using his Launchpad account.
  • John is a new user of the Ubuntu QA website, he doesn't know how to test an ISO so he simply click on the help icon and can then read the help wiki page explaining how to test an ISO from A to Z.


Improving the information exchange with the other Ubuntu websites and softwares by providing and using interfaces to those.


  • Use the new OpenID interface of Launchpad so one can simply connect using his Launchpad account (this point has to be discussed with the LP admins)
  • Use Launchpad teams to manage ACLs on the website. For example a member of ubuntu-devel will automatically be marked as Ubuntu developper on Ubuntu Brainstorm.
  • Provide a userfriendly way to move from the current account database to Launchpad accounts.

UI Changes

  • Add an easy way for the user who already have an account on the website to link it to their Launchpad one (the LP login is already part of the user settings)
  • Clearly tell users that they can use their Launchpad account for login


  • Launchpad account syncronisation for already existing accounts

Test/Demo Plan

A test website will be running somewhere (probably on a Canonical DC server as we need access to LP) and then will have been moved to

Completed during the Hardy cycle

UI Changes

  • The website will be moving from to [Done]

  • The bug balloon will show if mentoring is available [Done]

  • The bug icon size will vary depending on the number of time the bug was reported on the tracker [Done]

  • Add number of comments/duplicates/subscribers to the bug balloon [Done]

  • Make the website to work with low resolution (<1024x768) especially the tabs [Done]

Code Changes

  • Add an easy way to export data as RSS (which will be used by the modules like the Tracker or Tokamak)
  • Update to get information from Launchpad using XML-RPC (if it's faster than html) [python-launchpad-bugs is fast enough for our use]

  • Import mentoring information about bug in to be shown in the bug balloon (mainly used for Tokamak and wishlist bugs) [Done]

  • Move all style from html to CSS [Done]

Security and documentation

  • A new qawebsite module will be created and all the others will depend on it, it'll include the common functions and common DB tables (currently included in the qatracker module) [Done]

  • Those functions will have to be rock solid as all the other modules will use them [Done]

  • Improve access right verification (a mozilla team admin shouldn't be able to change something on the ISO testing website)
  • Flood control (apache module or drupal setting) [Website now hosted at Canonical, DONE]



  • Redirection from to (URL rewriting) [Done]


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