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=== Contact ===
 * [[|See how to contact us!]]
##NO need to add the social network here and on the contact us page - why duplicate the information?

The Ubuntu Quality team is focused on developing and maintaining the policies and practices for ensuring Ubuntu's quality as a distribution as well as providing general advice, oversight, and leadership of QA community and its activities within the Ubuntu project.


What's happening now during Vivid? Have a read!

For a current overview of what testing looks like in ubuntu, check out A simple look at testing within ubuntu.

Also have a read of Manual Image Testing and Automated Testing for the core apps.

What kinds of things does the Ubuntu Quality team do?

  • Creates and manages testcases to meet the quality needs of different teams
  • Participates in testing events to ensure packages and images
  • Helps to build communities around QA work and run them smoothly.
  • Leads Ubuntu's testing activities.

Getting Involved

Ubuntu Quality is mainly a coordination team, so individuals, not other teams, can be members. Additionally, memberships expire annually and can be renewed by members themselves. We heartily encourage people from all areas of ubuntu to join our team.


Interested in joining the team? Great! You need to do a couple things to get plugged in.

Next Steps

  • Checkout the roles page to get started on contributing. It will give you a summary of each of the roles folks perform on the team. Read the summaries of each and pick the one you are interested in. If you are new to testing and/or ubuntu, start off by following the tester role page. Go through the setup and choose some of the activities. You can get started contributing today!

  • Remember, if you get stuck, ask for help!


  • Read the FAQ page.

  • Familiarize yourself with the glossary of terms used.

  • The mailing list will also announce opportunities as they come up.

Getting Help

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