Ubuntu Hour

Event Link: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-qa/2588-salamander-launch-party/

We scheduled a Salamander Release Party for Friday 18th October 2013 from 5pm to 6pm at the Museum of Islamic Art.

Present (in order of appearance)

  • Shahnoor Ashraf a.k.a. kaziweb

  • Monir Hossain Kiron
  • Roy Verrips a.k.a. rverrips

  • Mohammed M El Nwailah
  • Deya Eddin
  • Hamood Nour
  • Horacio Galan
  • Ehab Ahmed Selim a.k.a. shobakey

  • Gary Dela Rosa


We had a good meeting with the largest attendance to date - Nine Smile :)

We chatted a bit about strategies and ways to increase awareness and members of the community - First time visitors Mohammed and Deya offered an alternate venue for the next meeting - They said we would be welcome to use their offices (which are close to the Museum of Islamic Art Round-about). We would have access to a meeting room with projector and screen where we can meet and start working towards the goals of:

  • Increasing the membership of the Loco
  • Increasing the knowledge of the Loco members (through training sessions, video library, etc.)
  • Increasing awareness of Ubuntu (in general) through-out Qatar

Due to the Eid weekend the venue was about three times as busy as usual on a Friday afternoon, and the wifi was intermitted, so we didn't do much else. First time visitor Horacio however did a live demonstration of SaucySalamander on a Dell Vostro.

Horacio first did a "demo" of Ubuntu in LiveCD mode, and then proceeded with setting up Ubuntu alongside the existing operating system, similar to the steps in this link: DualBoot

Various conversations spread off in different directions, including an attempt to remedy new-comer Gary's Radeon Video Card issue in Ubuntu. We didn't have enough to address it though, but will try fix it before we meet next week.

We ended around 6:15pm and look forward to having a meeting next week. (Details to be added)


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