Jam Session for Ubuntu Global Jam 2013

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The first meeting of the Loco QatariTeam was from 3pm to 5pm on Friday 1st March 2013 at the Museum of Islamic Art on the east end of the Doha Corniche.

There were six of us, and we just hung out as we discuss how great an ecosystem Ubuntu is, and how we can get other folks to enjoy it's greatness. We troubleshooted a few package issues some of us had, and worked through some idea's to gain momentum and ways we can spread news and info about Ubuntu.

Present (in order of appearance)


Roy and Nithin started things off troubleshooting a Tor install on Nithin's HP running Quantal (12.04). Once Kazi joined with Abueliz and Amiro we went into a session of talking about Ubuntu (Abueliz did some demo's mainly for Amiro's interest on Kazi's laptop). Nithin and Kazi chatted a bit about bookmarking etc. in Ubuntu, and things todo while in Launchpad.

We then had a general discussion about the Loco, and decided together on the following:

  • We should all work to introduce Ubuntu to our friends and family
  • In particular we should look for Schools and Universities we could assist in implementing Ubuntu
  • We must work towards arranging an Installfest in future.

  • All agreed to start with a Bi-Weekly Ubuntu Hour meeting in person, and a week IRC chat on #ubuntu-qa channel
  • Best day and time we could agree on (as a start is) Fridays from 3pm to 4pm
  • For now we will continue to meet at MIA but we all need to think of a better place in future once we grow. Kazi's Office was one option.
  • Next Meetup 15th March Register here

Notes on the Venue

We enjoyed lounging on the sofa's in the cafe on the ground floor of the Museum of Islamic Art - The Wifi was really fast (clocked around 16Mbps) but had restrictions and we were unable to download ISO's or even run an apt-get.

All of us agreed that once more than 10 or so of us meet the venue will need to change as that would probably be the limit of effectiveness.


BIG thank you to Kazi' for paying for the tea and coffee we all enjoyed! Much appreciated!

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