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 * [wiki:Self:QuebecTeam/InstallFests2006 InstallFests] in Quebec province for 2006
 * [ Help in IRC] - helping other francophone or english users on IRC
 * [wiki:Self:QuebecTeam/InstallFests2007 InstallFests2007] in Quebec province for 2007
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 * (add your own project here)  If you wish to add a project and you think that the QuebecTeam should give it's support for it, just add it on this page, and create a page explaining in details the project. The team will then contact you shortly after.

Voir pour du contenu en français.

Goals and objectives

Ubuntu Quebec wishes to invite current users and members of other local groups to expose their current work and focus new efforts on local project using Ubuntu. Our current goals and objectives include:

  • Become an official LoCo Team for Quebec province

  • Increase participation and visibility at local events (InstallFests, conferences, etc.)

  • Identify and invite individuals and organisations that use Ubuntu to participate in Ubuntu QC
  • Work in collaboration with the CanadianTeam and FrenchTeam, as well as for documentation, forums, etc.


The Quebec team is composed of individuals that have expressed interest in becoming significant contributors to the development of Ubuntu in the Quebec province (or already are). Complete instructions on how to join and a list of current members is available at:

Current projects


History / Background

See: wiki:QuebecTeam/Background


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