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#Title Ryan Moss

About me

I am a 19 year old high school graduate who enjoys to fiddle around with computers. I am atending Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for Electrical Engineering. I switched to Ubuntu after Debian could not support my SATA PCI card. I found out about the Chicago Local Community and joined. I have used most of the different "branches" of Ubuntu but awhile ago so don't really know the new goodies.

I prefer Ubuntu because they are the most up-to-date and community orientated distro IMHO.

Skill Set

My limited programming skills are from a computer science class I took in high school which taught me Java and a basic course in college which consisted of more Java and some C++. I have some networking knowledge from messing around with networks.

I have ran over half of all the Live-CDs I have found just for fun and to see what they were about. Some of which have installed on extra harddrives laying around so pretty good at installing.

Ubuntu-Specific Contributions

Team Membership

Ubuntu Chicago LoCo

Support & Bug Triage


Community, Advocacy, & Marketing

Plans & Goals

To fill out most if not all of the above.

Note: Thanks to Cody Somerville for allowing me to use his personal wiki page template. And Jim Campbell for adding the template.


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