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My first linux experience was around 2002 with Red Hat. For the study Informatics I needed to setup a Red hat server and try to compile some custom made C programs (which we initially made on Windows). After this mandatory use of linux I tried several distro's until I installed Ubuntu 6.06 Desktop. From then I only use Ubuntu and sometimes debian.

In the beginning I mainly used IRC for support. Most help I got in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-nl. Since I joined #ubuntu-nl I stayed there, and help others with their problems as well. After a while I also joined the Dutch Forum and wiki, to get and give support.

At the end of 2009 I became more active on the Dutch wiki, and later joined the Documentation Team. During the summer of 2010 I joined the Dutch Translators Team. Both are subteams of the DutchTeam Ubuntu NL.

Technical experience

In terms of programming and scripting I dare to say that I'm skilled in: Java, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PostgreSQL and MySQL. I've used these techniques regularly since 2003.

Besides those, I have experience with several other techniques. Mostly for a periode, or just experimental. I can handle those techniques, but I'm just less experienced with: C, C++, C#, Groovy, Scala and JavaFX.

Current activities

  • Support Ubuntu users on IRC and the dutch forum.
  • Maintaining the Dutch Team/Documentation wiki on http://wiki.ubuntu-nl.org/. Help new users to get along and keep pages up-to-date or improve them to satisfy our guide lines.

  • Translating. I translate several projects, review suggestions and mentor aspirant members.

  • Supporting the great initiative Mwanzo (some sort of Dutch Ubuntu Beginners Team). Help maintaining their wiki, brainstorm about ideas and help out new people who want to contribute to the community.

  • Attending IRC meetings of the teams I work with as well as the general monthly Ubuntu NL meeting.


Brief overview of my Ubuntu activities.


Organized a local Jam in Nijmegen


Working on new moinmoin theme for the Dutch Wiki. Fork from international theme of w.u.c and add some custom macro's and styles.


Started on a Unity Lens to search for online Dutch TV programs (PPA).


Made POChecker, a script to check quality of PO files.


Started translating for Gnome NL. So that certain packages are directly 'up-to-date' in upstream.


Started helping on Translation Tools (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-l10n-tools)


Organized a local Jam in Nijmegen


Became Ubuntu Member.


Gave a dutch spoken workshop/class on working with wiki's on IRC.


Developed a simple tool (Python) to keep track of Launchpad translations on a wiki page. (project in Launchpad)


Became full member of the Dutch Translators Team.


Supporting the setup of Mwanzo (Dutch Ubuntu Beginners Team).


Helped out the Dutch Artwork Team with some HTML/CSS/PHP for the new SMF forum theme.


Joined the Dutch Translators Team as aspirant member.


Joined the Dutch Documentation Team.


Started my first documentation article on the Dutch Wiki.


  • Help improving the Dutch LoCo.

  • Keep improving the dutch wiki.
  • Orientate more in the international community.
  • Far Future:
    • Help with (Java) packaging.
    • Support Ubuntu with coding (help with fixing bugs or implement new features) or build software for the community.


It has been fun to have rachidbm around as a member of the Ubuntu-nl-mwanzo team. He takes nothing for granted, is creative, and has a positive attitude. With his knowledge of the Ubuntu-nl loco, and the way he contributes his position is one of an "allrounder". He is a great translator, a wiki-editor, and writer of several "howto's". And don't forget his contributions on IRC, he is almost 24 hours a day around for support.I have no reservations at all giving rachidbm my ful support in his application for Ubuntu Membership. -- leoquant 2011-02-28

I know Rachid for more than half a year now. He worked very closely with me on the upcoming SMF forum theme, both with conding and designs decisions. Rachid is a very pleasant person to work with and always willing to help. He has a very broad knowledge, from translating to documentating and coding to solving problems. He has participated in many team meetings, and provided valuable input. Therefore I endorse Rachid for Ubuntu Membership. -- ronnie.vd.c 2011-03-02

As owner of the Ubuntu Dutch Translators Team I can say that Rachid is an excellent collegue. He is always willing to help others, attends and keeps minutes of our meetings, comes with new ideas. In short, he is a valuable member of our team. lafeber-dumoleyn 2011-03-07

"From what I've heard about Rachid, he is a very valuable contributor to our community. He is working in an area where we need all help we can get: making Ubuntu accessible to everyone. I'm not speaking about accessibility, but about making sure that documentation and other forms of knowledge are available to Dutch speakers—either by translating or by generating new content—and working on translating the operating system itself. This is very important work." -- sense 2011-03-07

"Rachid is a very nice person and active team member who likes to help other people and motivates to cooperate. Rachid is a driving force behind many improvements for more local collaboration. " -- testcees 2011-03-07

"I've worked together with Rachid in the Dutch documentation team. He's a very nice guy who's very motivated. He devotes so much of his free time to helping others out in the forums, writing and maintaining articles at our wiki and helping to implement mechanisms that make our LoCo much more efficient and well-prepared for the future that he definitely deserves alot of respect and membership." -- joshuaschroijen 2011-04-04

Rachid is a good translator and a great team member. I cannot wait to see him and others on the Ubuntu Jam stream on april 16th. For the future I expect many more classes taught by him. I think Rachid is a great addition for our Loco. By getting involved with the development for launchpad as he did before I think he will be a great addition for Ubuntu too. -- UndiFineD 2011-04-04


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