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About me

  • 23 years old, Tunisian, living in Tunisia.
  • Student in Medical Biotechnologies.
  • Using exclusively Ubuntu since more than a year. I was running a DualBoot before that, since 2005.

  • I'm trying to contribute in Ubuntu, even if i'm not in Informatics. My goal is also to spread the slogan : Ubuntu is for everybody on earth, not only for the Informatics professionals. Smile :)


  • Informatics.
  • Biology, psychology, geography,..
  • Reading
  • Cinema
  • ...


  • Email: rafik.ouerchefani(at)gmail.com

  • IRC: Rafik on freenode : #ubuntu-tn #ubuntu-locoteams and other channels.

  • Launchpad page

Ubuntu activity


  • Translations : I have done some translations in French and Arabic.
  • Answers : I'm answering when I can do. It's essentially to questions in Ubuntu. I like when answers give graphical solutions as since I'm not in the Informatics field I understand the very beginners.
  • Admin of the teams : Ubuntu Tunisian Team et Ubuntu-Tn Management Committee

  • I created also the Ubuntu-tn Website Project and Web Team (still very new).


I'm one of the core members. I led the team to be approved : When discussing the loco getting of CDs, I knew that the team had to be approved. Since that, I began the work to build the approval application with a first mail on Mai 16, 2008 and a second one two days later calling to collect all the informations. As I only got a few responses, I had to question, pen in hand, the presents to the physical meeting of June 8th 2008 one by one to finally fill up the approval application and submit it to the LoCoCouncil. We got the approval on July 22.

In the team, I'm a person who work on keeping the Ubuntu spirit and guiding the members to the existant ressources about the community.

Some of my contribution in the team :

  • I designed the logo of the team (It was my very first contribution :), a little one but I'm proud of it Smile :) )

  • Coordinator of the Web & Tech Work Group. Mission : Organize the work in the group and insure the harmony between the members.

  • Coordinator of the Redaction Work Group: I'm creating the documents and sharing them (using Google Docs mainly) with contributing members. Most of time, I'm doing the work lonely.
  • Main architect and developer of the Web Site. I recently sent the aplha version to be published. As I worked lonely to the present, I'm looking to found a Web Team to continue the development and insure the administration of the project in Launchpad.

  • IRC Operator of Channels #ubuntu-tn et #ubuntu-tn-meeting. My presence is nearly permanent ( when I'm on my computer at least Smile :) ) to offer support *when I can* and essentially to give information about the Ubuntu community, the LoCo team and Ubuntu in Tanisia.

  • I have redesigned the wiki pages relatives to the TunisianTeam. I proposed the Idea on the mailing list and I have been the main actor.

  • I was part of the meeting held in the Secretary of Stat to talk about how the government can assist the LoCo team.


  • I'm encouraging the Tunisian people, for their arabic identity to be involved in the Ubuntu-Arabic project.

  • Forum Administrator: http://forum.ubuntu-arabic.org/ I'm working on integrating the Drupal theme in vBulletin. Forums will be launched soon.


I published much article in relationship with Linux/Ubuntu. The more important are :

  • Should I use Ubuntu, does it fit my needs : Linux + DVD Magazine 05/2008 (With this article, I got a one year subscription for free Smile :) )

  • Ubuntu-tn is now an approved team , Tunis Hebdo . The Ubuntu-tn team approval announcement. I included a presentation of Ubuntu and Ubuntu-tn. On the photo, I'm the third on top right.

  • Windows vs. Linux battle continues, Tunis Hebdo. Generalities on Linux vs Windows the a comparison between HardyHeron and Vista.

Future involvement

I'll be continuing publishing Articles. I have some in stock :

  • "Piracy is detrimental to the open source and benefits Microsoft"!: (In Tunisian, we can by a CD of windows for 1$ so the people don't take the time to think about OpenSource => people become addicted to windows => they will pay the license soon or later) + slight criticism of Piracy in Tunisia.

  • Should we dare to move from Windows to Linux? To reassure readers regarding Linux / Ubuntu.
  • Comparison: Micosoft Office and OpenOffice.org: Comparison for a basic home use, in the spirit of the preceding article windows vs linux

  • Quality of FOSS vs their equal paid sotware: talking about bugs, plugins, compatibility,... It's also a comparison, as examples, of photoshop vs gimp, première vs inkscape, IE vs firefox ... in the Ubuntu/Windows environment of course.
  • Other articles... Actualities...

Other future involvement

  • Insure the development and the administration of ubuntu-tn.org and forum.ubuntu-arabic.org
  • Publish a universal document about LoCo Internal structure (Inspired from what I proposed for the TunisianTeam (How to work on group, how to prepare meetings, etc...)

  • Continue leading the LoCo Team twinning project with Ubuntu-fr (Ubuntu-tn side)

  • Insure my work groups road map is fully satisfied.
  • ...
  • Continue the work I do now !