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 * [[PackagingGuide/Howtos/PODManpage|Writing a manpage in POD]]
 * [[PackagingGuide/Howtos/RoffManpage|Writing a manpage in *roff]]
 * [[PackagingGuide/Howtos/BinaryFilesInDiff|Adding binary files to the .diff.gz]]
 * [[PackagingGuideDeprecated/Howtos/PODManpage|Writing a manpage in POD]]
 * [[PackagingGuideDeprecated/Howtos/RoffManpage|Writing a manpage in *roff]]
 * [[PackagingGuideDeprecated/Howtos/BinaryFilesInDiff|Adding binary files to the .diff.gz]]

Contact Information

- eMail: rainct@ubuntu.com
- IRC: RainCT on Freenode, GIMPnet and OFTC
- Jabber: siggi.gevatter@gmail.com

About Me


Development Skills

I started experimenting creating my first websites in 2004 and have since learned XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL and JavaScript (all of this by hands-on exercise, writing a MMORPG, a CMS and lots of other stuff). Around April 2007, having started my involvement with Ubuntu, I began learning Python, which has now become my favourite language. I'm also familiar with C, C++ (university) and Java (mobile applications development).

Wiki Pages

Below is a list of packaging related wiki pages that I've written:

Beside those, I've also done work on several CatalanTeam pages and minor editions on many other pages.

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