alias: mobang

Email: usenet at go4more dot de

My Linux way

Looking @ Linux since 1999 and using it on Servers since 2004 @ work.
In May 2005 ubuntu found it's way to my Desktop (Laptop).
Thanks for that, thanks to the people behind Ubuntu!

Now it's time to give something back.
I'm not a hacker but I will provide Support and file some bugs,
if I ever find them before others Smile :-) and maybe a little bit of translation.

Contributions to Ubuntu

  1. Entered Information about my laptop @ LaptopTestingTeam/SamsungP35

Currently working @

  • Testing dapper on my laptop

canceled because of new occupation and really lots of work.
Reconfiguration of a really bad configured Network.
Unfortunately Windows 2K3 Servers, too bad.

Virtual homes of mobang


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