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* There are many different branch developments.  * There are many different branch developments.
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Rapache is a simple tool for remotely managing and configuring an apache2 server.

If you need a simpler software just to start/stop apache2 and mysql, check localhost-indicator

Development environment

  • There are many different branch developments.


Version 0.7:

  • Connect SSH servers to configure remote apaches
  • bookmark SSH servers
  • Avahi ? Smile :)

  • Policykit ?
    • maybe not, we can't use that on ssh servers.
    • how to get root privileges via ssh ? Not every server allow remote root login (ubuntu's for example ;-))
  • QA 3

Use cases

  • Tony is a webdesigner. He don't want to mess with apache, he wants to get started customizing wordpress themes on localhost.
  • Ralph is a small company's webmaster. Since he has lot of stuff to get done, he don't want to loose time configuring apache via commandline

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