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== Packages ==

- rapache (meta-package)
  -depends: rapache-core, rapache-gtk
- rapache-core (python classes, bash python scripts)
  -depends: nothing :).
- rapache-gtk (GUI)
  -depends: rapache-core


Rapache is a simple tool for remotely managing and configuring an apache2 (bla bla bla) https://edge.launchpad.net/rapache/

Links: [http://launchpad.net/rapache]

/ This Rapache has super cow powers       \
\ In fact it is an eagle-cow              /
        \   ^__^
         \  (oo)\_______
            (__)\       )\/\
                ||----w |
                ||     ||

Development environment

What do we miss ?

  • A first bzr push. This will happen just after code refactory-


Stage 0

We will ship a little working demo as proof of concept and base of future work.

We will (in order):

  • Implement existing Vhosts editing. This will likely parse only rapache-created vhosts at first (refactoring. mini-parser implementation)
  • Code refactoring and QA: Class and Python Packages Naming.
  • First BZR push (Yay !)
  • We should backup /etc/apache2 and /etc/hosts in ~/.rapache since this is still alphish software and we don't like people curses Smile :)

  • Not everyone follows the right procedure for vhost creation and just create a *.conf in sites-enabled. We should note that and offer the user to normalize the situation
  • Define complete software interface (comprising future features), leaving invisible not yet implemented parts.
  • First bugs to be dealt with
    • Cancelling an operation when asked for root password should stop the entire procedure.
  • Code QA.


  • Demo will work only on localhost (so only useful for test/dev websites)

stage 1

  • Add rosetta support for translate
  • Apache (mostly) complete config
  • Sniff installed package and offer user to install what it's needed to perform the requested action.
  • Simple configuration wizards for common apps
  • QA number 2

Stage 2

  • Connect SSH servers to configure remote apaches
  • bookmark SSH servers
  • Avahi ? Smile :)

  • Policykit ?
    • maybe not, we can't use that on ssh servers.
    • how to get root privileges via ssh ? Not every server allow remote root login (ubuntu's for example ;-))
  • QA 3

Use cases

  • Tony is a webdesigner. He don't want to mess with apache, he wants to get started customizing wordpress themes on localhost.
  • Ralph is a small company's webmaster. Since he has lot of stuff to get done, he don't want to loose time configuring apache via commandline

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