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Alejandro Esperon

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Alejandro Esperon (Ratman)

Spanish Here

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I'm from Montevideo, Uruguay. I speak Spanish and English (technical). I work as a system administrator and developer mainly with python and java. For some time now I've been helping with the diffusion of free software, participating and helping in any event or activity that I could. Now I am lucky to be part of the Ubuntu Community Council Uruguay, from which I hope to be helpful and keep learning and sharing.


* Respect the Code of Conduct of the communities.

* Helping Uruguay Ubuntu LoCo be an official group.

* Assist users with problems on Linux Ubuntu.

* Assist and answer questions of users on IRC - FreeNode - # ubuntu-uy.

* Assist in what I can

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Ubuntu community contributions


  • I meet R4tman at UbuConLA 2012, as a photographer, his came to Argentina to take photos to his team Uruguay, I went back to see on UbuConLA2013, is a very dedicated person and wanting to join, as demonstrated on his participation on International events. Surely we will continue in future crossing UbuConLA possible future events and coordinate between our countries! Juan Manuel "Z37A" Zele

  • Ratman is one of the driving members Ubuntu-uy. An example to follow, both for its collaborative attitude as for his humility and respect for the neighbor. All opportunities where shared activities with members of Ubuntu-uy, Ratman was part of the organizing group, taking charge of all trades and taking them forward with total commitment. I have no doubt that will be an excellent Ubuntu Ubuntu Member and that our community will benefit from your participation as a member formally recognized Guillermo Lisi

  • I remember I met Ratman many years ago on IRC, then when I started going to events I met him, from the beginning I have been very willing to help people in both IRC and mailing lists and events, will join the group of people, always with low profile, he works very hard to make things go well is an example for all of us and I think will be an excellent member of Ubuntu. CarlosNeyPastor

  • Long time know Ratman excellent person and a better partner, always willing to help ago, not lost any event and has the philosophy of sharing and helping by flag. I think it is an excellent member of our community and a bastion of the values ​​that the word community means. Daniel Mato

  • I met Ratman in UbuConLA2012 in Argentina. He has done an excellent collaborative work in the events in which we were related. Take the collaborative spirit and is always willing to help others, always have time for it. It is a valuable member of the local community. A very active member of Ubuntu! Lucas Romero Di Benedetto

  • I meet Alejandro (Ratman) at UbuConLA 2013 in Montevideo, is always disposed, is a hard worker, and a realy good person. I think will be an excellent member of Ubuntu. Naudy Villarroel Urquiola

  • I met Alejandro (aka Ratman) during the preparation of the UbuConLA 2012. Then we participated together in this meeting, prepare and participate in the UbuConLA2013 and always proved to be a positive person, which contributes to achieve the comunity goals. Eduardo Zúñiga

  • Alejandro has been a patient, thoughtful and hard working member of our local communities for a long time now, I would love to see him be officially recognised for his work and trajectory. Martin Albisetti

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