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Leigh Purdie

Email: See Web:

Hi! I'm Leigh,

I'm a director of a local Canberra company called 'Intersect Alliance', which creates open-source audit-log related agents for kicks, and a closed-source audit server to keep us eating.

I've been using linux since the early 90's (slackware, on an IBM AT, on an Amiga-2000 bridgeboard card!), and have worked my way up from slackware, through redhat and fedora, and have finally made it to Ubuntu.

  • I've programmed in just about everything under the sun - from 6502 assembler, through C-based linux kernel modules, Cobol, Fortran, perl, right up to PHP/SQL.
  • I'm familiar enough with the Gimp, and inkscape to be dangerous, but not familiar enough to be very productive.
  • I have 12 computers within arms reach (plus another dozen virtual machines), which makes winter house-heating a non-issue.
  • I designed the Australian Ubuntu team logo (though, the original-coloured version).
  • My (breezy based) MythTV box has been claimed by my wife, and I have been threatened with dire consequences if I break it.


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