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Email: <ray DOT jenson AT gmail DOT com>

Greetings! I'm just trying to be generally helpful while I figure out the whole "Ubuntu Thing" so that I can more effectively control my computer and be generally more effective as a consultant. In general, I'm family-oriented with a raw flair for the dramatic.

I generally code in PHP and my ongoing project on SourceForge (RHERP) is slowly taking form (though I haven't uploaded new code since November due to my being somewhat frustrated with the slow progress I'm forced to take due to the demands on my time (having a roof over my head and food in my family's stomachs is more essential than the progress on that project, and at the moment I'm working 20-hour days so it's EXTREMELY slow).

I'll update as I get things working, and I will also be making an Ubuntu-specific version of RHERP as I am able (since it's my development machine and nobody else really seems serious about contributing code... thus, it's likely to take me until near the end of 2010 to get an alpha version together at the current rate).

I learn quickly, and I hang out in #ubuntu quite often. I'm RedHeron on all of the networks I'm on.

My key and signature on the Code of Conduct are registered on Launchpad.


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