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Reporting a Community Problem


In the Ubuntu project we strive to maintain a healthy, productive and fun community. With this in mind, we have a set of processes and facilities to help our community work together to do great work and enjoy the community. Sometimes we have problems in our community and we like to hear them so we can try and resolve them. This page outlines how to report one of these problems.

How to report a problem

Step 1: Chose the right place to report the problem

If you are using Firefox, middle-click (you can also click both mouse buttons) on one of the links below to open it in a new tab so you can continue reading the instructions here:

Step 2: Report the problem

You can now provide us with some details of the problem. This involves three simple steps:

  1. You will be first asked for a Summary. Here type in a short and descriptive single-line summary of the problem.

  2. You are next ask if your problem already exists in the system and a list of possible existing problems will be shown. You can click the arrows to show more details about each problem.
    • If one of the problems describes your problem, click the Yes this is the bug I'm trying to report button.

    • If the problem you are reporting is not in the system click the No, I need to report a new bug button.

  3. On next page type in some details about the problem. Try to be as detailed in your description as possible and then click the Submit bug report button.

What's next?

After you have filed your problem we