What is the Ubuntu Reviewers Team?


The Ubuntu Reviewers Team consists of a group of people who review patches that are attached to bug reports. We have some amazing contributors contributing patches to problems that they face. The Ubuntu Reviewers Team work to get these patches reported upstream and thus "give back" to the community.

The Ubuntu Reviewers Team get the patch, test it, and report it on the upstream bug tracker if the patch is successful. If a patch does not work as expected, the submitter is encouraged to submit a working patch to fix outstanding issues. In case the submitter does not respond, the reviewer makes the modification giving credit to the submitter.

If a patch is critical enough, like a security issue or a major blocker, we work to getting it immediately into Ubuntu and forward upstream. This may also qualify for an SRU to previous versions of Ubuntu.

(Some packages are excluded from the list.)

Who makes up the Ubuntu Reviewers Team?

Any Bug Squad member or Ubuntu Developer interested in Ubuntu Development can join the Ubuntu Reviewers Team. The members are primarily volunteers from around the world and they come together with a common cause of making Ubuntu better for everyone.

Want to Help?

Please read this page for detailed instructions.

Want to Join?


If you want to join the Reviewers Team you need to:

If you completed the previous steps, apply for membership on the Reviewers Team at Launchpad. As with any Ubuntu development team, you are expected to already work as part of the team before you apply for membership. Prove the review work that you've already done or have a current member vouch for your work. Alternatively, come hang out on #ubuntu-reviews and do stuff until someone gets annoyed and bugs an admin to add you.


Ubuntu Reviewers members can always be contacted via IRC on the channel #ubuntu-reviews on for help or collaboration.

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