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About Me

Hello, my name is Dave 'Ricey' Rice, 39 years old and currently live in Lincolnshire, UK. I'm a current serving member of Her Majesty's Armed Forces and have been for 18 years.

I first used Linux back in about 1995 and subsequently switched to Ubuntu, which I have used ever since, in 2005.

All my computers now use Ubuntu full time. Laptops and Desktop.

Ubuntu and Me

LoCo Teams

Ubuntu UK

I am a contributor to the IRC channel #ubuntu-uk on the Freenode network, I help others where possible as well as adding to the community feel of the channel.


Ubuntu UK

I am a member of the en_GB Translation Team, where I try to be a productive member!


I have written a script that 'tweaks' Ubuntu to work properly on the EeePC 701 model of netbooks. It's website can be found at eee.ricey.co.uk

The Future

I have taken a lot from Ubuntu over the years, it has taught me a great deal. I am now looking to give something back to the community. Starting with the Translation Team, an area in which I am comfortable, I hope to expand my work to other projects.

I also advocate the use of Linux to others and have 'converted' a substantial number over the past few months. This work will continue!



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