Richard Gunderson is a Renaissance Man. He is an engineer by trade, designing mostly electronic products although his B.E. degree is in metallurgy. His diverse interests include Horticulture, Geology, and Physics.

He is a bit obsessed with the American Chestnut. As a child, he saw one in the wild on a nature tour and heard the story about an imported fungus that killed off virtually all of them. He joined Stronghold and then later The American Chestnut Foundation to further the cause of developing a resistant variety by selective backcrossing with the Chinese Chestnut.

He has a love of the outdoors; as a younger man he hitch-hiked across the country a dozen or so times to see the world. This was one of the sources of his magic and stories.

He has a great love of family; he is married with two children, a boy and a girl.

Though most of his family lives on the east coast, he moved to California shortly after graduating college in 1977. Since no-one in his immediate family had a degree, graduating from Stevens Institute of Technology was one of the greatest achievements in his life.

Presently working as a contractor, he longs to start his own company since working with teams is one of his strengths.


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