Richard J. Korman

About Me

I'm a 21 year old living in Bangor, Maine. I attended Bangor High School for 4 years, though, due to a misunderstanding, did not graduate, and instead got a GED in 2006, obained a job, and am preparing for a move this year that will allow me to better pursue higher education.

I'm a moderately sociable person. Depending on the season, i put in anywhere from 20-40 hours a week into work. I use the rest of my time to pursue personal interests, ranging from spending time with friends and close family, being geeky on the computer, and sleeping. I'm very interested in and support the idea of open source software, though i've had quite some difficulty getting involved, as i have no specific area of expertise, though i am very interested in becoming more involved with the Ubuntu project.

My eventual goals are to learn at least one programming language, hopefully more, and to contribute to, and close bugs on programs i find to be useful. There is a LOT of promise in ubuntu, and i'd like to be part of the push to get ubuntu into the mainstream in whatever way i can.

I'm currently involved in trying to teach myself C and Python, though progress is very slow. In the meantime, i've spent my time submitting bugs to various projects, be it via launchpad, or various upstream trackers. I hope by the time i'm finished, i can be rather well-rounded in both back-end and front-end program design.

I've been using Linux since the mid nineties, starting with Red Hat Linux 4, but only switched to linux full-time in 2004, with the first release of Ubuntu.

Currently I run Windows XP, Windows Vista, Ubuntu and SUSE, with a Mac Mini soon to be added. I active on the Ubuntu forums.

Programs/Packages I Take Interest In

  • Atheme
  • Audacious
  • Conspire
  • Deluge
  • GStreamer
  • IcePodder

  • Inspircd
  • Totem
  • Wine
  • XChat


Ubuntu Marketing


  • To Be added

Bug Reports


I am usually available from 5:00PM GMT -5 until 10:00PM GMT-5 during the week, depending on work schedule. On the weekend availability varies depending on activities, but I can be available from 8AM GMT-5 to 11PM GMT-5. Additional time can be made if necessary. I can usually be found in #ubuntu, #ubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntuforums on Freenode under the name Rikai. Alternately you can reach me via the ubuntu forums, also under the name rikai.

Looking For

  • Assistance in learning C.
  • Assistance in learning Python.


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