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|| '''E-Mail:''' || [[MailTo(nixternal AT ubuntu DOT com)]] || || '''E-Mail:''' || [[MailTo(nixternal AT kubuntu DOT org)]] ||
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|| '''Jabber:''' || nixternal - & || || '''Jabber:''' || nixternal on ~-gtalk-~ and ~-jabber-~ ||



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Rich Johnson (nixternal)


Chicago, IL {us}





GPG Key:

[ 2E2C0124]



MailTo(nixternal AT kubuntu DOT org)


nixternal on Freenode & OFTC


nixternal on gtalk and jabber









Current Team/Membership Status

Community Contributions


My current contributions are mainly in the Kubuntu community. Some of my achievements are with Kubuntu documentation (rewrote the entire topic based help setup for Kubuntu, maintained development release notes for Kubuntu), have a multitude of packages now that I help maintain on my way to becoming a MOTU. I have contributed patches to various projects/packages as well.

Team Work

  • Ubuntu Chicago LoCo team and Ubuntu Illinois LoCo team creator and leader.

  • Ubuntu Documentation Project - Kubuntu and Edubuntu documentation. Wiki cleanup and organization as well as community documentation contributions.
  • MOTU wannabe ([ my list of packages)\])- created, merged, and synced multiple packages during the Edgy and Feisty development cycle

    • Created KTorrent patch for Breezy-Feisty to close a security issue
  • MarketingTeam - Working closely with the community manager and the LoCo teams with advocacy.

  • BugSquad & UbuntuQA - Providing triage if possible to bugs, acting as a liason in order to gain more information or provide support if needed. Confirming bugs, reorganizing old or outdated bugs, or recommending other members to research the bug. Also mentoring on some bugs as a new feature to Launchpad.

  • LaptopTestingTeam - Providing support in the IRC channel, providing testing support for the Kubuntu developers, as well as the Ubuntu developers. Tested the [:LaptopTestingTeam/ToshibaSatellite1735:Toshiba Satellite 1735] for Kubuntu (Dapper Flight 7 and Kubuntu Dapper 6.06 Release Candidate) & [:LaptopTestingTeam/CompaqPresarioC304NR:Compaq Presario C304NR].


I am currently the maintainer for Krename in Debian as a member of the KDE Extras team. I have created a libhttp package that is currently ITP'd and awaiting sponsorship via mentors. I am helping or trying to help out the Plucker maintainer and getting a suitable GUI/Desktop module installed once again. I have future plans of maintaining other packages as well either with the Debian KDE team or with the KDE Extras team.


I am also a member of the KDE community. Currently I have been helping on establishing a documentation primer for new contributors, preparing for KDE 4 and KOffice 2 documentation. I am the current maintainer of the KOrgranizer documentation and I am helping out with KHelpCenter anyway possible. During my time so far with this community I have learned the basics of Qt4 and hopefully will start getting into more development work. I am working closesly with the Mailody crew as well as the Katapult crew with documentation and some code whenever I get the chance.

About Me

I am a 33 year old self-proclaimed geek. I have been messing with Linux since around the end of 1994 or the beginning of 1995 while in the US Navy. We had a fast connection, and a ton of floppy disks. Over the past 12+ years my main distributions have been Debian, SuSE, Slackware, and now Kubuntu. If there was a KDE distro during the 90's and early 2000's, you can bet I used or tried it. I am currently a student all over again enjoying the benefits of my veterans grant and my GI Bill. School is free and I actually get a little money for each month of school I am enrolled in. My current studies are Executive Business Management and Computer Science (mainly programming languages).

After I got off of active duty in the military in 1998, I worked for a company as a controls automation developer. I created programs that ran on Allen-Bradley PLC5's and SLC500's. I did a lot of usability development for Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) as well as some SCADA, SAP, and ERP type development as well. From there I got tired of programming in Ladder Logic, Assembly, C/C++, and Visual Basic, so I decided to give the networking and hardware world a spin. I got addicted quite fast and worked with various architectures. During this time I went and got all of the certifications everyone seems to have out of highschool nowadays. Well in 2006 I caught the programming bug after working closely with the Ubuntu and Kubuntu developers that I decided to go back to school and relearn it, and learn new stuff.

My Availability

I am here to assist the community in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you need assistance. Feel free to use any means of communication listed above.

My Goals

Short Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Become a [ MOTU] - Master Of The Universe

    Ubuntu More programming and development work for KDE.

    Ubuntu More local involvement with the LUGs and spreading the FOSS love.

Long Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Eventually become a core developer in the Ubuntu project.

    Ubuntu Eventually become a Debian Developer

    Ubuntu Continue my Business Administration and Computer Programming courses.

    Ubuntu Continue providing the Ubuntu community with testing, support, as well as advocacy for the years to come.

    Ubuntu Make the Chicago and Illinois LoCo teams very successfull in a SpreadUbuntu campaign. Make it one of the most successfull LoCo operations in the United State and beyond!!!


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