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RichJohnson aka nixternal


Chicago, IL {us}





GPG Key:

[ 2E2C0124]

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[ 418283]



MailTo(nixternal AT ubuntu DOT com, nixternal at ubuntu dot com)


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Current Team/Membership Status

Ubuntu Community Contributions

The following is list of contributions I have currently been working on. I am working close with the DocumentationTeam currently, on creating a "Swtiching to Kubuntu from Windows" userguide. This project is still under the initial planning stages and should start-up very soon. I have done a lot of bug-triage here recently and helped out quite a few tech support issues via the Launchapd. The WikiTeam recently switched over from one location to another, so this is keeping me busy as well. The following are some examples of the other work I have done with this wonderful community.


  • [ Technical Support] - concerning Kubuntu and new users. This specification could be utilized greatly in the non-commercial arena of Kubuntu and possibly ported to offer cross-communications between Canonical support staff and the entire Kubuntu Community. More information is available by visiting ["Kubuntu/NonComSupportSpec"].

  • [ New User Configurations Tool] - concerning Kubuntu and new users. This specification could be utilized in various efforts already either provided or suggested in the Kubuntu community. I have noticed that there were a couple of these recommended and some even listed Kubuntu, but once reading the specifications and their outlines, it was Ubuntu specific. Their ideas are great and have noticed some were already being worked on. What I seen would work, but looked like it was just to much and at times an eye sore. This would provide a wizard, named Konqi, that will guide a new user in his/her first times with Kubuntu and even Linux in general. There is more work to be done, and I am willing to work within a team to get this created. More information concerning this spec is available by visiting ["Kubuntu/AutomatedInstallSpec"].

Team Work

  • ChicagoTeam - Designing, creating, and implementing a brand new LoCoTeam for the Chicago land area. I am the team contact, and currently the leader of operations. Currently working on organization features and the future of Ubuntu for Chicago. Together with other members, organized our first meeting and event!!!

  • MOTU work - Created, merged, and even synced some packages for Edgy and Feisty
  • WikiTeam work - Creating, Editing, and stylizing pages. CategoryCleanup and CategoryDocumentation work.

  • DocTeam work - Working with JonathanJesse on creating a "Switching to Kubuntu" guide for current Microsoft Users. Reviewing current documentation and providing support to other team members, as well as creating diff's.

  • MarketingTeam work - Working together with other members in the restructuring and redesigning of the MarketingTeam. Current tasks include redesigning the current Wiki page, helping with the UbuntuMagazine, and working with the ChicagoTeam LoCo providing documentation to use for marketing.

  • BugSquad work - Providing triage if possible to bugs, acting as a liason in order to gain more information or provide support if needed. Confirming bugs, reorganizing old or outdated bugs, or recommending other members to research the bug.

  • LaptopTestingTeam work - Providing support in the IRC channel, providing testing support for the Kubuntu developers, as well as the Ubuntu developers. Tested the [:LaptopTestingTeam/ToshibaSatellite1735:Toshiba Satellite 1735] for Kubuntu (Dapper Flight 7 and Kubuntu Dapper 6.06 Release Candidate).

  • NewUserNetwork work - Providing one-on-one support with users in the #ubuntu-classroom channel.

  • Various contributions in the [ Kubuntu Forums] and the [ Ubuntu Forums].

  • I have assisted in a few [ Tech Support] issues on the [ Ubuntu/Kubuntu Launchpad].

  • IRC Support - #kubuntu, #kubuntu-devel, #ubuntu-motu, #ubuntu-doc, #ubuntu-marketing, #ubuntu-laptop, #ubuntu-bugs, #ubuntu-nun, #ubuntu-classroom, #ubuntu-locoteams, #ubuntu-chicago, #kubuntu-offtopic.

  • Assisting Kubuntu developers, Documentation team members, Marketing team members, and other community groups and teams when needed.

About Me

I am a 32 year old systems/network administrator. I have a history with computers ever since I was a child. Both of my parents worked in the engineering field since I was born, so I was always around computers, electronics, and broadcasting. Throughout high school I wanted to be an architect so that is where all of my focus was. That switched of course after I joined the Navy. In the Navy (now don't start singing along with the Village People) I was mostly a combat engineer, but most of my studies were electronics and computers. I have a couple of degrees in everything from Computer Science, Business Management & Administration, as well as Business Law. Certifications include A+, Network+, Linux+, CCNA, MCSE, SCSE (Enterprise Servers), SCSA (Solaris), SCNA (Solaris), as well as system manufacturer specific certifications (HP, Dell, IBM, Compaq). Why all of the certifications? They were free, that's why. Prior companies and my G.I. Bill took care of that. I am proof that just because you have a certification doesn't mean that you know it all, because I sure don't. I am still learning stuff that should have been in the certification exams, or it probably was, I just got lucky and it wasn't on my test Smile :) .

In my spare time, I am either hacking some sort of hardware or electronics, learning how to code, working on school stuff, testing Kubuntu, or hanging out. I recently picked up Kubuntu after 10 years of various distro's including Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSe, Debian, Slackware, SCO, Caldera, VA, Yellowdog, Stampede, Gentoo, Mepis, and here to Kubuntu. My Unix experience is across many platforms inlcluding but not limited to: Sun Solaris, HP-UX, BSD, Linux, AIX, IRIX, and HURD. I will admit though, I had been using way to much Microsoft, and the time has finally come for me to stop. I am a hardware and networking junky and I enjoy reverse engineering and hacking both. My experience with hardware hacking has led to writing how-to's, reviews, and various other IT specific articles for major online techy organizations. I case mod, I overclock, I watercool, and even some phase change cooling. I love taking things to the limits to see if they are breakable and how I can make them bigger, badder, and tougher.

My Availability

I am here to assist the community in anyway possible. Please feel free to contact me at anytime if you need assistance. Feel free to use any means of communication listed above.

My Goals

Short Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Become a [ MOTU] - Master Of The Universe, Ubuntu/Kubuntu Developer.

    Ubuntu Provide packaging support if and when needed (Relearning the process).

Long Term / Community Goals

  • Ubuntu Eventually become a core developer in the Ubuntu project.

    Ubuntu Continue my Business Administration and Computer Programming courses.

    Ubuntu Continue providing the Ubuntu community with testing, support, as well as advocacy for the years to come.

    Ubuntu Make the ChicagoTeam LoCoTeam very successfull in a SpreadUbuntu campaign. Make it one of the most successfull LoCo operations in the United State and beyond!!!