About me

My name is Risto H. Kurppa. I'm from Finland and study physical sciences and computer science in University of Helsinki, Finland. I also work in the Electronics Research Unit there. On my free time I'm active in my church, bike, spend too much time on computer, travel, take photos and play piano. Who knows what I'll be some day. Grown up & smart. We'll see..

My mission is to enable the Ubuntu Finland LoCo to spread Ubuntu in Finland. I try to encourage people in their activities but also develop the processes of Ubuntu Finland. So far we've started teams for better focus and regular IRC-meetings to improve the transparency of decision-making process and also to make it easier for everyone to find out what's happening in the community. Lately I've been involved in the Openmoko community. I also have some other smaller projects I'm interested in, like youloc.net

Along with my own Ubuntu Member application I try to get more Finns to apply: at the time of my membership approval (2008-06-10, part of the log of EMEA meeting) there were only five Ubuntu Members in Finland - I hope now we're much more!

Contact information

My involvement in Ubuntu & Open Source


The FLOSS communities and their processes and efficiency is something I'm very much interested in. See some of my community related blog posts:

Future plans

  • I want to keep trying to enable the Ubuntu-fi LoCo and Openmoko community to contribute on the projects better - as a community and as individual community members. I try to encourage people who contribute or want to do it. I also want to help and support people in organizing events and projects of their own to make Linux & FLOSS more known and better, not only stick to solving problems at forums or irc.

  • I'd like to learn packaging..

Cheers from the community

  • Risto has been a driving force in organizing and activating Ubuntu Finland by introducing the team concepts, active blogging, launching new stuff like podcasts and so on. He's indeed our idea-o-matic like stated, taking Ubuntu Finland's activities to new areas and encouraging new people to become active in a way no-one else has done. -Timo Jyrinki

  • cornucopia of ideas, excellence in positive thinking and organizing. "Risto's picture is used as illustration to Code of Conduct". No doubts about his applicability as Ubuntu Member. -Miia "Myrtti" Ranta

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