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I, Robert Ancell, apply for core-dev status.


Robert Ancell

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Who I am

I'm Robert Ancell and work for Canonical as a GNOME Desktop Engineer on the Ubuntu Platform team. I am an upstream GNOME developer (gcalctool, GNOME Games).

My Ubuntu story

I've been using Ubuntu since 4.10 when I was thinking "how have I never heard of this project that is at version 4 already?". Before that it was Debian, Mandrake and Red Hat Linux.

My involvement

  • Long time Ubuntu user and bug reporter
  • Upstream developer

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

Areas of work

I have worked as a member of the Desktop team for the last year updating GNOME packages and fixing bugs. I also continue to make gcalctool releases and fix bugs in GNOME.

Things I could do better


Plans for the future


I'd like to see the core Ubuntu applications improve in usability and consistency. Being able to work continuously on Ubuntu allows me to push the small patches upstream to help the upstream projects achieve this. I'd also like to help to improve the platform development documentation so real-world programmers can work out how to easily use all the APIs.

What I like least in Ubuntu

The Preferences/Administration tools. They have multiplied over the years and while there seems to be regular effort each cycle to tidy them they don't seem to be getting any better.


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=== General feedback ===
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=== Specific Experiences of working together ===
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