About Me

I've been using Linux since 1998, starting with Red Hat. I quickly moved to Debian for a long time, then to Ubuntu during the WartyWarthog release. My local LUG is the Townsville Linux Users Group, for which I administer both the website and Freenode irc channel (#tlug) voluntary. I have a blog at, a Launchpad page and I'm also a member of the following projects and organisations:

How Have I Contributed to Ubuntu?

I am the primary author of the Ubuntu Starter Guide that was released with BreezyBadger and available via Yelp in every Ubuntu BreezyBadger installation. Based on, the Ubuntu Starter Guide aims to address several key criticisms whist being technically correct and open to the Ubuntu community. I also help maintain other documents in the DocumentationTeam subversion repository and help out new contributors to Ubuntu documentation.

For DapperDrake I did most of the initial ground work and organisation of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide.

For EdgyEft I'm getting involved with the MOTU and maintain the "dolphin" package. I plan on becomming more involved with the MOTU to help Ubuntu become the best operating system available.

I also help out the WikiTeam by writing new guides or editing things I think need changing on the Ubuntu wiki. Some examples of my wiki-related work where I have contributed significantly include:

Other stuff that I have contributed to the Ubuntu community include:

How To Contact Me

  • IRC - rob on, find me on #ubuntu, #freenode-social. I'm also a Freenode staff member so if you have any issues regarding the Freenode IRC network, feel free to contact me.

  • Jabber -

  • Affero - Want to thank me? Consider donating to various free software organizations on my behalf!


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