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 * Swedish translator ([http:// Translations], [ Karma])  * Swedish translator ([[http://|Translations]], [[|Karma]])

(layout blatantly stolen from ChristianBjälevik)

About Me

My name is Robin Sonefors (since you are on this page, you might have figured that by now), and I go under the nick ozamosi. I've been using linux since 2002:ish. From the beginning Gentoo, but when I realized I could no longer remember Why I wanted a certain program by the time it had compiled, I went to Debian. I came in contact with Ubuntu when my girlfriend wanted something easier than Gentoo, and although she decided to use Debian a while longer, I decided to convert to Ubuntu. I didn't convert through the reinstall every sane person would do, but by replacing the repositories. For a while I ran Debian Sid and Ubuntu Hoary (which was then unstable) at once, and I don't know what hurt my computer the most: ubuntus unstable, or ubuntu and debian side-by-side. Interesting times...

When hoary came out, and I played around with it on same girlfriends laptop, I just HAD to install it. I did, and have been using nothing but Ubuntu ever since (it didn't take me more than a few days to upgrade to breezy, though).

Ubuntu Active

Contact Info






ozamosi @ freenode


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