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 * Contact Person in the soon-to-become SwedishTeam  * Contact Person in the SwedishTeam

(layout blatantly stolen from ChristianBjälevik)

About Me

My name is Robin Sonefors (since you are on this page, you might have figured that by now), and I go under the nick ozamosi. I've been using linux since 2002:ish. From the beginning Gentoo, but when I realized I could no longer remember Why I wanted a certain program by the time it had compiled, I went to Debian. I came in contact with Ubuntu when my girlfriend wanted something easier than Gentoo, and although she decided to use Debian for a while longer, I decided to convert to Ubuntu, but not through the reinstall every sane person would do, but by replacing the repositories. For a while I ran Debian Sid and Ubuntu Hoary (which was then unstable) at once, and I don't know what hurt my computer the most: ubuntu hoary, or ubuntu and debian.

When hoary came out, and I played around with it on same girlfriends laptop, I just HAD to install, and I did, and have been using it ever since.

Ubuntu Active

Contact Info





ozamosi @ freenode



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