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Hi. My name is Udo Pütz but most of the time I go by my old alias Robos. I have been a long time debian user and really like the idea of making debian a little more user- and especially desktop-user-friendlier. My main page at the moment is I still have some issues with ubuntu that I will list here shortly but overall I really like the work done by the community and canonical and would like to thank them a lot!

Found problems with hoary (in no particular order):

  • awoken from hibernation the battery meter applet doesn't realize that the power method has changed
  • automounter (of usb sticks, cd's, dvd's) stops working
    • UPDATE: a re-tick of the boxes in the System->Settings->"Removable Media" menu seems to fix this

      • UPDATE to update: this seems only to work sometimes...
  • looots of audio problems (linphone doesn't get out/in any audio)
  • terminal problems (logging into a debian stable server german umlauts break and sometimes a wrong letter won't be deleted with one press of "del"- utf8 issues). This also was a problem when I tried to log into an IRC channel where they told me my umlauts were "broken" (I saw them fine though)
  • had a dvd drive: dma is fine (on). Added a cd writer: no dma on dvd and cdrw...
    • UPDATE: in /etc/modules (should this still exist?) where these modules listed:
    • ide-cd ide-disk ide-generic

    now I commented them out (with a # in front of them) and upon reboot I can enable again dma on both drives with sudo hdparm -d 1 /dev/hda (hda in my case)

  • gaim icon sometimes doesn't lock into the panel but is separate (some others too)
  • The top panel sometimes screws up and moves the Application menu farther inward and, since moving is diabled, cannot easily be adjusted.
  • Hibernate (suspend to harddisk) works fine with my laptop which got an intel graphics chip (i830), but how do I enable a (working) hibernation with nvidia cards?
  • nfs mounts take aaaaages and block the whole system startup (ages as in 10 mins or so)
  • on an older machine which has only a 33k modem, the modem speed looks more to be 9600baud (1kB download rate) which is really really really slow. I have yet to find out the reason why this is not working...


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