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- Get a t-shirt with the harald's photo on it! - Get a t-shirt with the harald's photo and join his fan club on launchpad ;D !

Romain Perier



gpg id: 445FD6DF

irc nick: bambee

About myself

My name is Romain Perier, I am a young system engineer with a degree of MASTER in High Performance Computing (parallel computing, distributed computing, high performance network, cloud, etc...). I started to use GNU/Linux in 2002, when I was 15. My first distro was mandrake (the old mandriva). Then I have used gentoo, open suse and finally I met kubuntu. I started to use kubuntu when the maverick meerkat is out. I love kubuntu because it gets an excellent KDE integration, the community is great, and everything works perfectly with this distro. I started to contribute to kubuntu around february 2011, and it's even better than using it!

Kubuntu contributions

language-selector for KDE

I rewrote the KDE frontend for language-selector. Now it's fully integrated into systemsettings, no longer runs as root and it's also fully configurable, with almost the same features than gnome-language-selector.


I did a lot of packaging. I helped to package kde 4.6 and kde 4.7. I've also write packages rules from scratch for KDE 4.7 since a lot of upstream packages have been splitted. Have a look at my launchpad page, to see the full list .

The following list contains all the technical packaging tasks I've done since February 2011 :

- New upstream release (bump)

- Packaging from scratch

- Packages backports

- Patches backports

- Merges with debian (two or three packages, don't remember...)


KDE contributions


I contribute to the phonon project. Actually I am working on the subtitles feature. I plan to add multitrack audio support in the backend and to fix bugs.

what do I plan for kubuntu ?

- Continue to do a lof of packaging

- Bug fixing

- Next year, I plan to organize ubuntu activities at my university : Install party, python programming on KDE, kubuntu packaging, etc...

- Become a MOTU

- Make the desktop environment better by contribuing to kde and fixing bugs in kubuntu

- Become a kubuntu dev

- Get a t-shirt with the harald's photo and join his fan club on launchpad ;D !

what do I plan for KDE ?

- Continue to contribute to phonon and become a dev

- Become a kde core developer

- Contribute to other projects... probably I don't know yet

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