People starting a new translation effort to a language that still has no team in Rosetta are blocked by the "Closed" permission setting.


Everytime someone starts trying out Rosetta to translate products into a language that still has no Ubuntu Translators team, they see their work rejected from being officially integrated in the po files until they ask the Rosetta admins to setup a team for them.

In the case where someone translates into a language that does not have a designated translator (or, IOW, a team), they should be able to translate freely until the team is created.

Use cases

- Pau comes into Rosetta with lots of energy to translate Ubuntu into Occitan. After a week of furious translating, he finds out his new translations have not appeared in the new Language Packs created for Dapper Drake, only because he was a pioneer and Rosetta didn't have an Occitan team setup in advance. Instead of dumping all his work into the "Suggested strings", his work should have been accepted by default, until the Rosetta admins formalise an official Ubuntu Occitan translators team.



Instead of having just "Closed" and "Open" modes for a PO Template, we should have a third one, which allows the temporary bypassing of team creation bureaucracy until this happens.


A third mode, called Structured, is created so product owners can choose if they want to use this mode.


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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