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রাসেল জন



Dhaka, Bangladesh


GMT +6


[ Russell John]


russell AT



Ekushey on FreeNode #Ubuntu-BD


[ 91F003D2]

Ubuntu Bangladeshi Local Community Team

  • I'm the team leader and contact person for this team.
  • I maintain []. I translate Ubuntu related news items that goes on in this site.

  • I also take care of the [ Ubuntu-BD mailing list].

  • I help users on our [ forum] and IRC channel.

  • I keep a liaison with the educational institutions, IT firms, NGOs, multi-national companies as well as with newspapers and magazines.
  • I ran the official Bangladeshi release mirror of for 2 months (had to be closed down due to lack of sponsor).
  • I burned and distributed at least 1000 Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs and DVDs for free (blank disks are cheaper than the govt. tax imposed on the CDs sent by ShipIt).


  • Hardy Release Party: I organised this 4-hours long release party and coordinated with speakers and volunteers to make sure that the program runs smoothly. Held on May 17, 2008.

  • Linux for Home Users: I conducted this worksop at [ East West University] on April 8, 2007. 108 undergraduate and graduate level students from from 9 departments participated on this day-long workshop, where various issues of Ubuntu and Kubuntu were discussed.

  • [ BCS Computer Show 2006]: Distributed 10,000 leaflets containing information on Ubuntu and FOSS.

  • Free and Open Source Software: Development Opportunities: I was the key-note speaker on this seminar, held at [ BCS Computer Show 2006] on Semptember 17, 2006. Besides FOSS, I spoke about Ubuntu too.

  • Migrating to Linux: Introduction to Open Source Tools: I conducted a workshop at [ North South University] on June 15, 2006, where Computer Science students were introduced to Ubuntu and Kubuntu Linux.

  • Teacher Professional Development: I was the lead instructor of a 5-day long Teacher Professional Development (TPD) training at Central Gono Bidyalaya, Sonargoan held on March 9 to March 13, 2006. On this training, 18 school teachers coming from different parts of the country were how to use a Ubuntu Linux desktop for their everyday use.

Future Plans

* Organising more programs and workshops and universities.

* Representing Ubuntu Bangladesh at the [ Software Freedom Day 2008] Bangladesh event.

* Continuing the CD and DVD distribution program.

* Setting up an Ubuntu mirror in Dhaka.

* Encouraging and helping my team mates to become Ubuntu members.

Other Affiliations


[ Bangladesh Linux Users Alliance]

Maintainer (Bangladesh)

[ Linux Counter]

Maintainer (Bangladesh)

[ International Open Source Network]

Jurisdiction Lead

[ Creative Commons]

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