• InternetHowto - General guide for getting connected to the Internet.

  • WebBrowsers - Introduction and Guides to the Web Browsers available on Ubuntu.

  • Peer2Peer Clients - Introduction and Guides to the P2P Clients available on Ubuntu.

  • NewsAggregators - Applications for downloading Atom/RSS news feeds.

  • BloggingSoftware - Software to help with your online journal.

  • UsenetNewsreaders - Programs for reading and writing to Usenet.

  • Dialup and Fax - Guides for setting up telephone and fax communication using your modem.

  • BitTorrent - Several Bittorrent clients available

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

  • XChat - как использовать Internet Relay Chat (IRC), присоединиться к IRC-комнате Ubuntu и завершить ubotu - ботом помощи.

Instant Messaging (IM)

  • Gaim - Gaim это мульти-протокольный клиент мгновенных сообщений (IM), таких как MSN Messenger, AIM или ICQ.

  • Gajim - Gajim это свободное програмное обеспечение, клиент мгновенных сообщений для Jabber (XMPP) протоколa

Voice Over IP (VOIP)

  • Ekiga - GNOME video and telephony client, SIP Interoperability

  • Skype - Internet telephony software (closed source).

  • Gizmo - Internet telephony software (closed source).

  • Tapioca - Open source Internet telephony software and framework with GoogleTalk interoperability.

  • Twinkle - Open source SIP VOIP SoftPhone

  • Zfone - Encrypts VOIP calls.


Dynamic DNS (DynDNS)

  • Dynamic DNS - How to make your computer accessible from 'outside', even without a fixed IP address.



Remote Access

  • SSH - Use SSH to log into other machines remotely. See AdvancedOpenSSH for enhanced security.

  • VNCOverSSH - Tunneling VNC over SSH for enhanced security.

  • VPNServer - Securing a small Wireless network using VPN

  • VPNClient - Setting up your computer to be able to connect to a network that offers VPN access.


Remote Filesystems

  • Mount Windows Shares Permanently - How to mount a Windows Share permanently with Samba.

  • iFolder - Install and configure iFolder to share and synchronize files over the network.

  • NFS Client How-To - How to set up Ubuntu to connect to an NFS server.

  • SSHFS - How to use sshfs to mount a remote directory through an ssh tunnel.

Network Monitoring

  • Cacti - This guide is for setting up a base install of Cacti on Ubuntu (Alternative to MRTG).



Network security

  • IptablesHowTo - An introduction to the powerful Linux IPTables firewall

General security

IconsPage/IconNote.png See Network devices - for information on installation of Internet and network related hardware.

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