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About Me

My name is Ryan Macnish and I live in Western Australia. I have been using Ubuntu since just after 8.10 was released. I am involved in many different projects in the Ubuntu community and have contributed to many more.

My involvement with the Ubuntu community

My Projects

I am currently working on a little application of mine called Pytask:


Other projects

I have contributed alot to the Ubuntu Manual Project and am currently the author for the command-line chapter and the maintainer of the glossary and index. I have also worked on some of the documentation for Quickly and have also contributed a fair amount of code to the Quickly-Widgets project.

I am also part of the team that is creating the Ubuntu Developer Manual, which was an idea born from the Ubuntu Manual Project.

I also have several other idea's that may turn into projects in the future.


I am currently an active member of the Australian LoCo team. Currently, i do not participate in any physical LoCo events due to living in a regional area, however, if any events such as Linux.Conf.AU were to come to Perth i would definitely be there.

I do participate in a few of the online events that members of the LoCo organise, such as our own BugJam and our own gaming clan.

I also am very active on IRC and can be found in many channels on irc.freenode.net either hanging out or readily answering questions and helping others with any problems they may have, the channels you are likely to find me in most of the time are:

  • #ubuntu-manual
  • #ubuntu-au
  • #ubuntu-au-chat
  • #quickly
  • #ubuntu-bugs
  • #OMG!ubuntu!
  • #ubuntu-app-devel
  • #ubuntu-youth
  • #ubuntu-desktop
  • #blender
  • #ubuntu-community-team

My Blog

I have a blog that i use to blog about my Ubuntu experience with, you can visit it Here, it currently gets aggregated to both Planet Ubuntu Manual and Planet Ubuntu Australia

Ubuntu Forums

I currently have just over 300 posts on the Ubuntu Forums, mostly to do with helping people out and also contributing to several other sections of the forums. You can see my profile here:

My UF Profile

Teams i am a member of

I am currently a member of these teams:

  • Ubuntu AU LoCo

  • Launchpad Users
  • Ubuntu Manual Team
  • Ubuntu Developer Manual Team
  • Ubuntu Users
  • Ubuntu BugSquad

  • Ubuntu BugSquad Mentorship

  • Docky Users Team
  • Ubuntu Youth Team
  • Ubuntu Members

Times i am available for the BugSquad

I am available at these times:

7pm - 12pm GMT+8 every day

I can be fairly flexible with these times.

My mentor is kermiac on irc.freenode.net, he is also a member of the AU LoCo.

Future Ubuntu stuff

  • Help spread Ubuntu in my local area.
  • Contribute on Ubuntu Brainstorm.
  • Continue to help out on the Ubuntu Forums, on IRC and in any other way i can.
  • Continue working on Pytask.
  • Contribute more to projects like Quickly and Quickly-Widgets.
  • Continue and extend my work with the Ubuntu Manual Project and the Ubuntu Developers Manual.
  • Extend my work with the BugSquad, possibly working my way up to 5-a-day and maybe helping out the Papercuts project.


What can I say? Ryan is wicked! He's young, full of enthusiasm, very motivated and loves working on Ubuntu. He takes whatever is thrown at him and does incredibly well. Ryan has been a great help to the Ubuntu Manual Project, started his own project called Pytask and has also taken the reigns of the Ubuntu Developers Manual - much to Rick Spencer's delight!

-- Benjamin Humphrey

Ryan's work in taking on the Ubuntu Developers Manual is really brilliant, he is doing very well at keeping it on track. He contributes to the Ubuntu Manual Team doing as much as he can to help. Ryan's project Pytask is a great program for organising yourself. Overall very keen and enthusiastic.

-- Luke Jennings

Ryan is a very enthusiastic member of the Ubuntu Manual Project. He has written the Command-Line chapter of the Ubuntu Manual, and has taken responsibility for the Glossary and the Index. He is always willing to help out anybody that needs it on IRC or on the Ubuntu Forums. He is a delight to work with.

-- Chris Woollard

My experience with Ryan is two-fold. First, he wrote an application called PyTask, which depended on one of my projects, Quickly Widgets. Quickly Widgets lacked some necessary features, and had some bugs that needed to be fixed for him. Ryan approached me in a very polite and positive manner, and he worked with me as a partner as I addressed the problems in my own code. The other place I worked with Ryan was on the Ubuntu Developers' Manual. Ryan picked up this project because he wanted to see it happen, yet I did not have the time to drive it. He is doing good work on the manual, and more to the point, rather than complained that I wasn't getting something done, he *offered to help*. So in both cases, Ryan exhibited core "Ubuntu" qualities. Between his interaction style and his contributions, I can recommend him for Ubuntu membership.

-- Rick Spencer

Ryan wrote PyTask, i found it a very usefull application. Continue development it.

-- Dairon Medina

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