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About Me


Chennai,Tamil Nadu,India


S.Vikash Koushik



My View On Ubuntu

I first started using Ubuntu version 5.10.But I didn't explore much on it.Now I have started exploring more and now I have come to know that Ubuntu is The Best Operating System and I am sure that it will continue to stay that way and I've never looked back nor regretted it. My distro of choice(and indeed the introductory one) is Ubuntu and I really do like it, not only because of it's features or freedom, but mostly because of the excellent community it has.I have met some fantastic people via the IRC chats and without there helpful support I wouldn't have achieved what I have thus far, I too wish to contribute in this way!


  • I have been and will always continue to spread the word UBUNTU to many people by distributing CD's.

  • I have been giving solutions to many people to their problems through Launch Pad Answer Tracker.

  • I have made many people switch from other Operating Systems to Ubuntu who also feel that Ubuntu is The Best Operating System.

  • I have joined in many teams in Launch Pad such as Spread Ubuntu,Indian Local Community,Ubuntu Testing Team,etc.

  • I have been translating Ubuntu in Tamil.

  • I am also a member of Ubuntu Loco Team from India.

  • I have been reporting bugs from 9.04 alpha.

Future Plans

  • Start Distributing the Ubuntu CD's Nationally and Internationally.


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