About Me

I'm Satyajit Sahoo. I'm passionate about Open Source and Linux and mostly love to contribute artwork to various projects. I have experience making in GTK and GNOME Shell themes. I am also a member of Artwork Team of Ubuntu GNOME and Xubuntu.

Aside from artwork, I like to play with code (mostly bash) in my leisure. I also have basic knowledge in web development.

Contact Information


  • Contributions as a Ubuntu GNOME and Xubuntu Team developer, member, and tester:
    • Contributor to the Shimmer Project including testing and artwork
    • Testing pre- and post-release Ubuntu GNOME and Xubuntu Live CDs, installation, and stability
  • Active maintainer of the following projects:
    • Greybird (mostly the GTK3 portion) which is the default theme in Xubuntu (GitHub)

    • GTK Theme Configuration as found in Xubuntu (Launchpad)

    • Elegance Colors, an app for customizing and creating GNOME Shell themes (Launchpad)

    • Numix Project which includes various artworks ranging from icon themes to GTK themes and wallpapers (Website)

  • Contributor to various community projects:
    • Y PPA Manager, a tool to manage Ubuntu PPAs (Launchpad)

    • AP Hotspot, a tool to create infrastructure wireless hotspot in Ubuntu (GitHub)

Future Goals

  • Continued contributions to the Ubuntu GNOME, Xubuntu and the Ubuntu ecosystem.
  • Continued maintenance of Ubuntu GNOME and Xubuntu Artwork.


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