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= New Features in Ubuntu =

== Desktop Interface ==

 * There is a new way to quickly search and access any desktop application's and indicator's menu, called the "HUD". Tap the Alt key and enter some letters and words, and it will show the corresponding entries, including some fuzzy matching. Press enter to execute the action. This one is executed on the current focused application as well as all indicator facilities (like managing emails, sound list, quit…). Also it learns from your previous choices to make the search more and more accurate for you.

 * Nautilus quicklist support has been added to Unity launcher.

 * The control-center's "User Interface" panel now allows users to easily configure some properties of Unity.

== Desktop Applications ==

 * The default music player has been switched to Rhythmbox, which again includes the UbuntuOne music store.

 * LibreOffice has been updated to 3.5 beta 2.
 * Remmina with FreeRDP is the new standard remote desktop client, replacing Vinagre and rdesktop.

== Software Center ==

 * When installing new software through software-center, corresponding language support packages (translations, spell check modules particulat to that software, help files, etc.) are now installed along automatically. This removes the need to open "Language Support" after installing new software.

== Ubuntu One ==

 * ?

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= Changes since 10.04 LTS =

 * ? add in highlights (with links to where more detailed information can be found)
'''TODO: mine release notes from prior releases for content'''

= Known Issues =

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== Graphics and Display ==

== Applications ==

= Changes since 11.10 =

== CD Image ==
 * New Packages
 * Version Changes
 * Removed Packages

== Alternate Image ==
 * New Packages
 * Version Changes
 * Removed Packages

== DVD Image ==
 * New Packages
 * Version Changes
 * Removed Packages

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