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Hello! I am Saw Khaing. I live in Mandalay. I was being a Mandalay Technological University student of Electronic and Communication major.Now, I can hold AGTI and Bachelor of Technology. After that, I tried to observe the knowledge of computer Fields. I'm willing to do something in IT to achieve my life. I'm undoubtly interested in networking and system administration. I was lucky that I met the Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team at Barcamp Mandalay 2011. According to Ko Ko Ye, the team leader introduce Ubuntu into my life. I'm keen to understand the meaning of Ubuntu ,Ubuntu working system and the Ubuntu Organization. Ko Ko Ye and other team member always answer my doubting thoughts on Ubuntu and I'm so pleased to use Ubuntu. I, Htut Myat, Hein Htet Aung are cooperating to surf the Ubuntu operating system. We also want to cooperate with Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team to share Ubuntu to the users such as novices, end-users, developers, system administrators and so on. We also want to share the benefits and advantages of Ubuntu to the whole IT professions of Mandalay. So, I, Htut Myat and Hein Htet Aung tried our best to participate in Ubuntu sharing activities. We do these activities in camps, training center and computer universities of Mandalay. According to the guidelines of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team, we did our best. Now, I can't pull myself from interesting Ubuntu. Whenever I have time, I spend my hours using and configuring Ubuntu. I also have the future plan as I want to take Linux exams to be a Linux Professional.Thank You!

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1. Ubuntu Hour Mandalay Ubuntu Ubuntu

In this event I'm the Orgnizer. Around 200 attended are coming and made a sharing of Ubuntu knowledge. After this event Ko Ko Ye approve me as a core member for the Mandalay Region.


1. Barcamp Yangon Ubuntu Ubuntu

In this event, I and core member from mandalay were going to Yangon and helping in Ubuntu Corner such as ubuntu installation, user guide, and answersing their question, problem,etc.

2. Barcamp Mandalay Ubuntu Ubuntu

I'm a volunteer of the Barcamp Mandalay. In event Ko Ko Ye made a topic with "Talk About U" and I'm participated in it.

3. Swan Arr Electronics Factory Training in Mandalay Ubuntu Ubuntu

In this event, made a training for Swan Arr Electronics Factory which try to use Open Source System in their Operating Machine. Ubuntu developer, user, tester were meeting up there and share knowledge, experience, bugs fix and utility.

4. Core Member Approve/Re Approve at IRC meeting Ubuntu

In this meeting we made a approve for new core member and re-approve for current member. We discussed about the Ubuntu guide for different levels and localize with our language.And took a guide line from Ko Ko Ye.


1. Ubuntu touch Yangon Ubuntu Ubuntu

Jouni Helminen, Lead Designer of Ubuntu Touch made a event in Yangon. Me and Hein Htet(Lu Gyi Min) were coming to Yangon for helping the LoCo team and took a knowledge from Mr.Jouni and sharing for Mandalay.

2. Ubuntu Intermediate Class Mandalay Ubuntu Ubuntu

In this class we collected the Ubuntu user who were already touching with ubuntu. In class, taught about advance CLI usage, SSH configuration and network utility and Ubuntu server.

3. Barcamp Mandalay Ubuntu Ubuntu

In Barcamp Mandalay I'm volunteer. We made a Ubuntu Corner and help everyone who insterest in it such as installation in there laptop and sharing Ubuntu Ebook. Also show Respberry Pi, Ubuntu touch and QR usage.

4. Ubuntu Global Jam Mandalay Ubuntu Ubuntu

This event was made in Mandaly City Hall. I and core member from Mandaly made a Ubuntu Desk. Share Ubuntu 12.04 LTS version and show Ubuntu Phablet with Galaxy Nexus.

5. Mandalay Computer University Ubuntu Introduce Ubuntu

In this event I and core member from Mandalay went to the Computer University and introduce the students with Ubuntu. Show them linux history, usage, tweak, compiz, desktop enviroment.

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Who is Core Member of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. Likewise, administrator of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and supporting the Ubuntu LoCo Teams' Facebook groups and LoCo Teams' movement.

Who is advocate Open-Source and Ubuntu whenever possible. For ease of use, I publish the customize DVD to whom who need it and I publish the Ubuntu Live CDs and ISOs as much as I can. I am also doing the favour for who doesn't know the Ubuntu and hasn't discovered Ubuntu by giving the Ubuntu Live CDs.

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(OK) Barcamp Yangon
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(OK) Barcamp Lashio
(OK) Barcamp Loikaw


LoCo Event

Event Physical and Web Chat

Where and When Barcamp at daily most popular topic is "I Love U Ubuntu " and "Work with U Ubuntu "

you can find our Event Photos at here

University Computer Student [City]

  • (./) UCSM - M = Mandalay 1 and 2
    (./) UCSL - L = Lashio UCSL and GTU
    (./) UCSM - M = Monywar GTU

Ubuntu Introducing and Install Fest have done!

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you can find me there.

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It's example. more interview is can see Press and News Media.

We can't success without this person

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Life Goals

I'm using Linux since I was 2010~2011.

I am an active member.

Future Goal

Become an Ubuntu member.

Share to our community Fix bugs and apply patches.

Become an linux Administrator.


Mr. Saw Khaing. who is younger and very interest, improve Ubuntu, OSS. whenever support Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team & Mandalay Ubuntu User Group Event and Other Activity. example Barcamp Ubuntu Corner, Computer University at Ubuntu Event, Ubuntu Training Class and other Ubuntu Support. so when you need ubuntu helper ? call him. he is real ubuntu member. Ko Ko Ye`

Saw Khaing is one of my best partner in Ubuntu Community .He is very active in learning and sharing knowledge about Ubuntu ,OSS ,Networking and updated technology .He is one of the Core Member of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and essential for our Ubuntu Mandalay .Htut Myat

Saw Khaing ... he is like my brother. Very smart, attractive and handsome guy. He is really nice at sharing the knowledge. Otherwise, very good at teaching. He is also the core member of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team. Means, he contribute and participating on every event which we've done. Whenever I saw him, he is very active and ready to share the Ubuntu knowledge to others. He is the necessary partner of Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team and he is worth to be a Member if Ubuntu Community. Ethan Kurt

Cool little guy, Saw khaing I saw him at Mandalay Ubuntu Hour as the first time. And he is one of the best partner in Ubuntu Community, Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team, Ubuntu Shan LoCo Team, Ubuntu Mandalay User Group. I need him to stand with me in my education development process. I am strongly support him to be Ubuntu Member. Sai Mawn Kham

One of Mandalay Ubuntu core member. Younger and better than me. We known each other since 2 years ago.He is a cool guy than compare his age.I hope to him for future Ubuntu developer from our country.Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team future is depend on stable mind and real love in Ubuntu/Linux just like this guy. Keep it bro.Our community needed more and more just like you. thohi

Youngster of Ubuntu Myanmar. Nice, active and smart guy and we could name him "Mr. Charming" :D. I'd say He passionately loves Ubuntu and supports our Myanmar Team. I'm sure evey Myanmar Team members will agree to make him Ubuntu Member. Naing Ye Minn

In Mandalay, He is one of the active and nice guy. He supports our Ubuntu Camp at UCSM and share about the knowledge on linux.Pyae Phyo Naing

One of old and long term walk person together for Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team member.we want Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team the boy. HeinHtet

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