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  • I'm an ubunutero and looking to become an official Ubuntu Member
  • I try and help out the most on IRC and Wiki contributions.
  • Member of the ArizonaTeam and member of the Server Team ArizonaTeam/Teams/Server

  • Ubuntu convert around the time hoary came out thanks to Tristanbob

  • Past Local LUG President ( for a couple years

  • Blog at

  • Linux Sysadmin and Ruby / Rails developer
  • Lucky to count some awesome folks at the Utah Loco team as friends: Tristanbob and AaronToponce - I'm an old member of the UtahTeam

  • Between work and home I personally run Ubuntu on 12 machines. Either 6.06 LTS and Feisty


  • Become a MOTU and start helping maintain the ruby / rubygems / rails packages
  • Work on making customizable / derivative distro Ubuntu LiveCDs / Install CDs (Asterisk and Ruby / Rails in particular)
  • Keep writing more HOWTOs and help to improve community documentation.


  • Senior Linux Systems Administrator for my day job
  • Previously a Web Developer using PHP, now prefer Ruby/RubyOnRails
  • I also run a consulting business doing Linux admin / Rails development (

  • Love my Sipura 3000 and TrixBox (too bad it's not based on Ubuntu)



and worked on...

Will be adding the following shortly:

I keep a stack of the latest live CDs on me and give them out to friends and family. My personal tally so far:

  • 6.06 LTS: 15
  • Edgy: 18
  • Feisty: 10 (and counting)

Encourage the installation and support the use of Ubuntu at work.

  • Created and maintain 3 VM images for internal testing use.
  • Maintain internal wiki documentation on ubuntu installation and use in our corporate environment including:
  • Connecting Evolution to our exchange server with LDAP addressbook settings
  • Connecting to the Juniper VPN

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