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Thanks for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. Could you please attach the resulting log file of: /usr/share/gnome-power-manager/gnome-power-bugreport &> gpm.log to the report? You might also want to take a look to the Debugging instructions located at for submit any other logs related to your problem.Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the report, the feature request should be send directly to the upstream authors at, for forwarding instructions please have a look to If you forward the bug, please post a link to the upstream bug report here. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for taking the time to report this bug and helping to make Ubuntu better. Could you please attach the resulting log files of:

/usr/share/gnome-power-manager/gnome-power-bugreport &> gpm.log

gconftool --recursive-list /apps/gnome-power-manager > gpm.gconf.values.txt

and the ouput of:

1) run: dbus-monitor --session "type='signal',interface='org.freedesktop.PowerManagement'" 2) unplug your AC adapter 3) plug in your AC adapter 4) post the output from dbus-monitor

1) the following command into terminal: "lshal -m > lshal.log.txt" 2) unplug then plug in the AC adapter 3) attach lshal.log.txt to the bug report. This may be a problem with HAL/pm-utils.

After starting the dbus-monitor command, initiate the action that triggers your bug.

Thanks in advance.











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how to use bzr and quilt to update GPM packaging 1) mkdir where you'll work 2) cd into it and run your "bzr lp:~..." 3) cd into the created folder 4) bzr bd-do (will create shell, exit 0 saves work and non-zero will delete it) 5) quilt push or quilt push <your filename>.patch 6) if it fails, repeat with -f "quilt push -f" 7) quilt refresh (optional, this will change your patch to include any changes it had to do to make your patch fit) 8) check the .rej files and edit the failed hunks manually. 9) when done editing, quilt refresh 10) quilt pop (will take off the changes from the patch) 11) quilt push (will make sure your patch is properly added) 12) exit 0 13) dch -vNewVersion -D UNRELEASED 14) debcommit 15) push back to bzr

Ubuntu participation:

Bug Squad Bug Control Adopted gnome-power-manager patched gnome-power-manager's apport hook, got it sponsored into ubuntu. Refreshed new notify-osd patche into new gnome release (

== Cool bugs fixed in ubuntu== (LP: #397248)

  • [ Scott Howard ]
  • debian/local/ Add
    • output. Upstream uses this script for triaging. (LP: #397993)

That linux ACPI patch

fixed two ubuntu bugs with:


more cool bugs: something with gconf settings in GPM, default for on lid close inhibit fixing combo box broken (not remembering settings) bug (wrote patch for upstream, tested on LP/ubuntu, brought patch to ubuntu, tested it) tried to update gnome-power-manager:, after it was done i did the following: --remove unnecessary patch --fixed a ftbfs by simply rebuilding (bug in a depend. package) --did necessary work for freeze exception and built ppa for testing --upgraded k3dsurf to new version to fix bug, ppa for testing

while trying to get this synced, found upstream bug, patched it into ubuntu, got a needed library synced and tested:

synced/uploaded/worked on: qtiplot flashrom k3dsurf


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