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Scott Sanbar



Software development



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C, C++ and JavaScript mainly






My Ubuntu Goals

I wish to become a part of the Ubuntu community in the area of software development. I am mainly interested at this time in kernel and driver development.

I am also interested in evangelizing Ubuntu, Linux and the FOSS movement in general.

My Experience

I have computer administration and software development experience that dates back to the late 1970s.

I have worked for small to enterprise private businesses, the government and military in my career.

I have more development experience in real time and embedded systems than anything else. I have also done applications development and web development work. Additionally, I have a lot of experience in desktop, server and network administration, including enterprise server administration.

Most of the experience I have that relates to Linux is actually based on years of work on Unix systems, both in development and administration. However, I also am gaining significant skills in Linux administration and development as part of the Ubuntu community.

My Ubuntu Wiki Links

Tips and Tricks


Tips and tricks that are extra hard to find or that I have had to tweak personally

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