Sean McNamara


Hello! I am Sean McNamara, a senior year university student majoring in Computer Science at University of Maryland University College, and a Free Software activist. I have been using Linux for 10 years, give or take. Those 10 years have been a gradual transition from Windows, so my main desktop has always been a dual booting environment. My main development area of expertise is graphical applications, but I have a strong interest in acquiring more domain knowledge in the areas of audio, and the open source graphics stack. I have had mild success with the former, having submitted a few minor patches to the mpd and pulseaudio projects.

Contact Details

IRC: allquixotic (I hang out in #ubuntu-devel always; I tend to avoid the user-volume channels because they bloat my Quassel PostgreSQL database ;)) Email: My user account at gmail is smcnam. Hook them together with '@' and you're smarter than a spam bot! Domain: (the homepage is a trainwreck; check out my blog instead.)

Also see my Launchpad Profile.

What I Do

I'm currently unemployed, but am hoping to make myself "highly employable" by companies such as Red Hat, Canonical, or Novell. As a second option, I am pretty much open to any offers from companies that work on open source projects.

My interests cover basically anything relating to software or computing, but my particular areas of interest are gaming, always-connected client-server apps (like Quassel, mpd), media players (Rhythmbox), virtualization (VMware, Virtualbox), open source graphics (I'm used to fiddling with mesa/xorg/drm), and improving the sound stack on desktop Linux. I have experience in the cell phone industry as a software engineer intern, and more distant experience with the defense sector as a general intern.


  • rbpitch (GPLv2+)

  • Various tiny patches to mpd, pulseaudio, ALSA, Gnash (licensed the same as each respective project)
  • Assistant developer and infrastructure lead for Shades of Truth (proprietary)


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