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E-Mail: MailTo(

PGP-Key: [ 0x5BE41F21]


ICQ: 108286370

IRC: slomo at Freenode

UbuntuForums: SloMoSnail

Homepage: []

About Me

  • 20 year old Student of Computer Sciences at the University of Paderborn/Germany
  • Ubuntu Member
  • ["MOTU"]
  • ["UbuntuBackports"] Team Member

  • ["MOTUMedia"] Member
  • ["MOTUMono"] Member

Contributions to Ubuntu

  • Maintaining:
    • cowbell (in Debian)
    • banshee
    • ipod-sharp
    • libipoddevice
    • fatsort
    • xmms-musepack
    • bmp-musepack
    • wavpack
    • faad2
    • faac
    • dirac
    • gstreamer-plugins-multiverse
  • Working on:
  • Fixes for many random packages

Future Plans for Ubuntu

  • Improve our Multimedia capabilities (["MOTUMedia"])
  • Help the ["Mono"] team to improve the CLI support (["MOTUMono"])
  • Help the ["UbuntuBackports"] project to get clean backports

  • Fix every bug I notice and can fix with my current knowledge/experience
  • Find new areas where I can help

Linux / FOSS Experience

My first contact with Linux was with SuSE 5.1. After almost a year I switched to Debian because yast was annoying me Wink ;) After Debian I switched to a LFS to gain further knowledge of the basics of the system and for the good feeling of running something collected together by myself. Used this until further updating of the system was becoming boring and switched to the newborn Gentoo. Stayed there until Hoary Preview was released and switched almost instantly as installing new software was of course much faster and updates were working better than with Gentoo.

Today I'm using Ubuntu on all desktop systems as this seems to be the best suited distribution for all my daily tasks and as a development platform. On serverside I'm currently using FreeBSD because IMHO all services I run feel much more integrated than with every Linux distribution I tried.

I'm currently advertising both to all my friends

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