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I am a 29yrs old man living in Gatineau, Qc. and always did. i was borned and raised in Buckingham, Qc. I started going on IRC i would say around 1999-2001 with all my friends from computers we had in a place called "La maison des jeunes" for kids between 13 and 18 to go after school to have fun. we had pool tables, T.V.s with consoles, about 10 computers. We started off on Undernet, un the channels #Outaouais #buck and #olib. Then for a few years, everone got attracted to mIRC Coding, this is where we came up with the "Devil's Script" idea, (nothing malicious at all, we only called it this way for the looks, everthing was red, black orange and the logo had horns) a few of us were doing "coding", others were artists.. it was reall fun. Then few moved, the project got killed before it even bean, but some other guy took it over and finished it on its own.

IRC has became a place to chat once more, and we created a few channels, since then we found out about efnet, dalnet and other ones newly created. We scattered everwhere.

At one point, there was these new things called Flooding, Nuking, and Ddos. This made us leave. At that point, we were using mailing lists to keep in touch.

Then, a few years back. (about 5yrs) i came back on IRC and found out about freenode. I joined it, and typed /LIST to see the channels available. #ubuntu was he biggest one there, so i joined it. i clicked the links in the topic, and found out about this awesome open-source OS, Free, and i could run it beside Windows. my eyes did this: O_O! so i got it, i even ordered the 10.01 i think. (the yellow CD Case(pictures of it coming soon))

And since then i fell in love with it, used it on my servers at home, and now there is this phone OS that i cant wait to try.

Contact Information


I have not contributed as much as i wanted on the ubuntu projects, but when i am online on irc and i see french people in any #ubuntu* channels, i help them the best i can. I try to integrate myself in the ubuntu community the best i can, without making too much waves. I do contribute in my ways as well, i installed ubuntu on over 15+ machines owned by friends who asked me for a "pirated version" of windows, then i introduced them to ubuntu, and they all love it.

Future Goals

Someday, i would like to host some Ubuntu Hours in my location, for the ubuntu-qc community. I would like to do it outside, at a festival, with a kiosk and software to distribute. (DVDs with Ubuntu on it) or USB Sticks. I am a people person, i love working with the public. This is what i have been doing all my life, i worked in call centers (Tech departments, IT, Collections) and will always do.


I love learning new things, i mostly script TCL and mSL (mIRC Scripting Language) and i can read code and spot errors. i do not consider myself a programmer, but i do want to learn more and apply what i learn to develop new skills with them. I LOVE IRC, i can't say it more. The fact that you meet new people from all around the world is what attract me this much to this chat medium. I have used a lot of clients, like irssi, xchat, weechat. But my favorite one of all time is mIRC+wine


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