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How to install untrusted software

  • Sometimes you will have a good reason for installing software which is not part of the trusted Ubuntu repository system. If you need to do this then right click on the file and under the file permissions select the box marked 'Allow executing the file as a program'. You will now be allowed to (try and) install the file as a program; unfortunately, this does not work for vfat volumes since November 10th - the checkbox toggles, but reverts back after an instant. -- mozillanerd 2010-11-25 00:49:08mozillanerd, aka intrader

  • If the file you want to run is on read-only media, like a cd, then you will have to copy it to your desktop before following the instructions noted above.

Execution of

  • In one situation I have several versions of smalltalk saved in FAT volumes. Double clicking worked before Nov. 10th; Now, I can only make it work by copying the entire pharo distribution from the FAT volume into a local folder, and change the permissions of and ../Contents/Linux686/squeak. Once I do this, I can double click on to start the smalltalk pharo environment -- mozillanerd 2010-11-25 01:12:47mozillanerd.

Policy and process kills older games

  • Many of the older games require you to install from the disc and then use a play disc to play the game, it has to be in the same CD-ROM drive as the game was installed from. Since you can NOT amend the permissions of the executable files on these discs, it means you can NOT install or play the games from those discs. In short, it totally destroys the ability to install older software and games via WINE, or to access them via WINE. In the end, this means that many people who wish to play their older games and use their older software, will NOT be using Ubuntu at all as it removes this capability. They will go elsewhere to find a system that allows them to do what Ubuntu used to allow them to do.
  • One of the big arguments I've used to get people to switch from MS Windows to Ubuntu has been the ability to run their older software, mostly games, and this is no longer a useful argument. Thank you so much.
  • Will we be seeing a patch, file, or work around that will enable us to NOT apply this inhibiting process to CDs and DVDs? It's needed, and needed now. -- ernest-bywater 2011-12-16 02:53:51

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