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   * AppArmor
   * SELinux
   * [:AppArmor]
   * [:SELinux]



The Ubuntu Security Team represents multiple teams of people dedicated to keeping Ubuntu secure, and contributing to its proactive hardening.

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How to Contribute

  • Help with projects
  • Write documentation


To discuss any Security Team projects, send email to the ubuntu-hardened mailing list.

  • CVE handling
    • tracking: Ubuntu CVE Tracker
    • fixing: main and universe
  • Hardening
    • Mandatory Access control
    • Compiler flags [:Security/HardeningWrapper]
      • pbuilder integration
      • sbuild integration
  • Auditing and Penetration Testing

Launchpad Membership Policy

  • motu-swat: if you are dedicated to making a dent in the universe security updates, this team will have you.
  • ubuntu-hardened: if you are dedicated to building or testing advanced security hardening systems into Ubuntu, this team will have you.
  • [ ubuntu-whitehat]: if you are dedicated to "do not harm" while auditing and testing Ubuntu software and infrastructure, this team will have you.

  • ubuntu-security: this is a closed team for developers responsible for publishing security updates to the Ubuntu Archive.


  • For details on regular meetings (past and present), see [:SecurityTeam/Meeting].

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