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[ Note - this is not yet working ]

Creating local package mirror

[ Note - this is not yet working ]



If you want to test a package during debootstrap, you can create a local mirror and have deboostrap refer to that.

There are probably simpler ways of doing this. Right now I'm documenting the steps I took which made this work. I suspect several steps can be dropped.


First, create the packages as you see fit.

Create the mirror directories:

mkdir -p /mirrors/debian/pool/main
mkdir -p /mirrors/debian/dists/precise/main/binary-amd64

Download the files debootstrap will need, and copy them into the mirror:

debootstrap --download-only precise precise-cache
cp precise-cache/var/cache/apt/archive/* /mirrors/debian/pool/main

Copy the customized packages into pool/main:

cp *.deb /mirrors/debian/pool/main/

Now create Packages list:

cd /mirrors/debian
apt-ftparchive packages pool/main | gzip -9c > dists/precise/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz

We need a Releases file:

cd /mirrors/debian
cat > release.conf << EOF
APT::FTPArchive::Release {
Origin "APT-Move";
Label "APT-Move";
Suite "precise";
Codename "precise";
Architectures "amd64";
Components "main";
Description "Local Updates";
apt-ftparchive -c release.conf release dists/precise/ > dists/precise/Release
#gpg -bao dists/precise/Release.gpg dists/precise/Release - not needed?

Now, you can run debootstrap referring to this mirror:

debootstrap --no-check-gpg precise precise-rootfs file:///mirrors/debian

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