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I'm the Italian translator of [[|GNU XaoS]] (in Ubuntu and upstream) as well as other few packages in the [[|Translation Project]].
I'm the Italian translator of some upstream packages in the [[|Translation Project]] and in [[|GNOME]] as well as [[|GNU XaoS]].

Who I am

I graduated in Management Engineer with Electronic specialization at "Università di Udine".

How I am involved in Ubuntu (and in GNU/Linux also)

I give help to Answer Tracker (here ) and I usually make submissions to the Hardware Database concerning installations I made. (to friends or other people)

I also provided some patches bug #172353 (human-icon-theme),bug #172353 (gnome-icon-theme), bug #334345,bug #517012 (mobile broadband info) and 394071 (system-config-printer).

I set up a Laptop Testing project within the Ubuntu-QA Team and the Italian LoCo (Testing Team), where we translated all laptop testpages to make easier to italian people testing their laptop and reporting results on the international wiki.

I collaborate on the Ubuntu CD project in the Ubuntu Italian Marketing Team, providing copies of Ubuntu CDs and stickers for Italian people that don't have a broadband Internet connection. (wiki and blueprint)

I'm the Italian translator of some upstream packages in the Translation Project and in GNOME as well as GNU XaoS.

Ubuntu Meetings

I partecipated in the last Italian Ubuntu Meeting:

Plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the future

  • Trying to have Ubuntu fully translated into Italian
  • Trying to improve the Ubuntu experience keep on doing bugs triage
  • Attend a UDS
  • Learn Python
  • Promote Ubuntu more and more....

Cheers for Ubuntu Membership

Sergio has done some great work helping close out Gutsy kernel bugs. +1 from ogasawara

I have met Sergio in the last Italian meeting and he's a kind guy who provided substantial contribution to our community. He's also a very reliable person. Highly recommended for the membership. PaoloSammicheli

I work with Sergio everyday, he does a terrific work as translator, bug reporter and tester. Absolutely, he deserves the membership! -- quadrispro 2009-05-11 19:29:26

Sergio is extremely active on the Italian Translation Team, doing a great work and helping to fix translation bug with many upstream project. bugman

Sergio is a good member of ubuntu community, works hard everyday with italian translators and italian devs. -- l3on 2009-05-11 20:33:59

I've had the pleasure to meet Sergio during last Italian meeting, he is a cool person to work with. He's involved in several aspects of Ubuntu such as translations, documentation and bug triaging. A very positive contribution. LucaFalavigna

Sergio is a hard worker within the Italian translators community, we met at our last Italian meeting in Bologna, he is a kind and cool person. I highly recommend him for the membership. -- milo 2009-05-12 07:51:22

I would like to sponsor Sergio for his membership, he is a very hard worker and a great translator. -- hattory 2009-05-12 11:31:24


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